Monday, August 6, 2012

How NOT To Play With Balloons

Hey Monday everybody!

Firstly I would like to apologise for today's posting which is a little late. I was still reeling at our country's lost at the epic finale for the Olympic Gold for badminton from last night and added with the Monday blues and the cold weather this morning, I can't help but to feel extremely sluggish.

Still, I hope today's comic will brighten up everyone's day.

No, I did not manage to come up with a badminton related comic in time.

Balloons are fun. And our dear bro Daryl loves playing with balloons. He likes getting creative with them from time to time. No, he doesn't know how to make balloon shaped animals.

But here is an example of how NOT to play with balloons no matter how fun they can be.

My answer to Daryl's question would be Jasmine.
Yep. Just don't do that sort of thing in front of Jasmine and you are good to go to have infinite fun with balloons.

A special picture message to our national hero:
Dato Lee Chong Wei. You are still our true champion. 

Have a great week ahead!


  1. LOL. Ok this made my day. no more Monday blues :X

  2. at least this give a little bit of laugh on this very sombre day ;( next comic make you guys expression when lcw lost last night

  3. Falcon punch!! Haha. Now i feel more energized for work.

  4. Ouch ! I feel the pain ! LOL

  5. now i know why she can stand living with you all..haha

  6. that stinging feeling on Daryl's nipples when the ballon burst..and I was like "ouch...!!"

  7. lucky he didnt put the balloon at his bottom part, else GG

  8. Balloons bursting on your nipples? OUCH.
    Good one Jasmine! xD

  9. Haha, I always wondered if it'd really hurt if the balloon burst on our skin. Hantu Gangster review


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