Saturday, September 29, 2012

B.R.O.S.: Facebook Shenanigans #7 - Mud Time Offer

Hey everyone! I'm back!

Yes. Sorry for the lack of posting the previous Thursday. I was feeling unwell and that reality finally reminds me that I am still a vulnerable human that is still susceptible to the elements. I sometimes forget that I am not a dinosaur or a Pokemon and that fact saddens me. Still thanks everyone for the well wishes. It was really touching to be receiving those kind words. You guys are all seriously awesome. I'm still not at 100% yet though but give it another few days and I will be back on my feet! Thanks so much once again!

Since its Saturday, I thought I'd post another B.R.O.S. content since its already almost lunch time and most of you might be out right now. Anyway, if you are home, here's a Saturday post while you wait for Monday!

One day while Facebook chatting with Shamus, he suddenly offered me one of the strangest request.

Later that evening, Shamus went out.
berkubang = wallow in a mud pit

Would you wallow in the mud with Shamus?

He says its relaxing.

Have a great Saturday ahead!


  1. haha, shamus really cool! sometimes it make sense for fun bah ernest. i want to join shamus... :D

  2. ahahah. so at the end did he manage to "force" you go?

    Well, while you're at it, why don't you also dig a hole in the ground at the bottom of the mud and bury your faces there like ostriches? :D I'm sure the hippos will approve :P

  4. sound interesting.. why don't u join?? try to get the experience. to be a buffalo once in a while.. hoho. ;p

    anyway, did Shamus use trick to ask you join him like Jon use to 'force' you guys to go to gym??

  5. it's know as "mud bathing". the microorganisms in the mud makes your skin smooth


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