Saturday, September 1, 2012

CONTEST: The Need For Speed with Michelin Pilot Experience

Hey happy Saturdays everyone? How is the long weekend so far? If you are Malaysian you would know what I mean.

Some readers have asked me what kind of games do I play. Assuming they are talking about video games, I would say that I spend countless hours on racing games. Yes. You name it. Need for Speed, Gran Turismo and the like. I am a race junkie.

But not the type that goes modifying his car with spoilers and loud exhaust.

I love cars. I do not need to tell you why I love cars because simply put, I am a bro. Bros love cars. Which bro doesn't? There can be no other reason. Okay I know there are some that doesn't but there's only a small minority of guys who doesn't like cars but generally, guys just do. No fighting.

So putting two and two together, I love cars. That's why I love racing games. But I would REALLY love to one day at least try racing on the track once for real. Hours upon hours of race simulation could only get me so far.

But I came very close to real racing at one point.

Almost real racing.
Just needed "that much" more.

That was as close as I got. It is not cheap to experience a real race as I would need a freaking race car to do it. I do not have that amount of money to get one. It's ridiculous. Not the idea of racing. It's the freaking price tag that comes with it. Do you know how much those F1 teams spend each race? I don't because the numbers have at least six digits in them. And I suck at numbers.

Then I heard about this Michelin Pilot Experience contest in collaboration with Nuffnang where I would be able to finally drive a REAL RACE CAR on track for a day! So I thought this is it! My life long dream has been answered! Just once to experience the sheer mad speed on track for a day and my life is another step towards completion and I can die happy in several decades time!

All I need to do is post a blog entry on why I deserve it. Well here it is. You just read it.

Please! I really want to win this contest so I can tell my imaginary grandkids that I was a speed badass demon on the Playstation and on track as well!

Why do I deserve to win this contest? I'll be honest instead of giving you all that mumbo jumbo people usually say:

Real racing is expensive. And I am poor.

At least I am honest, right?

Have a great Saturday ahead!


  1. LOL. I never thought you are going to race at home XD

  2. Won't you feel hot in that getup? O___O The helmet is totally overkill, btw. XD
    Anyway, good luck with the contest! Hope you'll be able to drive that racecar on a real track, then go back to your video games. :P

  3. LOL... Now that gives a whole new meaning to indoor racing

  4. lol..the racing suit still in purple color

  5. lol..the racing suit still in purple color

  6. AWESOME. The "real" experience! xD

  7. HAHA, must be pretty hot and uncomfortable to be gaming in the suit and helmet. If this ain't an advertorial, all the best bro! Worst Social Media Disasters in Malaysia


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