Monday, September 17, 2012

How I Almost Became Fat, part 1

Hey Monday! If you are Malaysian, you would know that the Monday blues will not be coming for you today as it is a public holiday here. Happy Malaysia day!

The blues will come for you tomorrow though.

Anyway, if you are from outside Malaysia, and within the same time zone as Malaysians, and it is Monday, here is a comic for you!

There was a time I was so engrossed in video games that it became rather detrimental to my health and well being. I was en route to becoming a misshapen fatty. As Jon was the fitness junkie around the house (till today actually), he was constantly trying to get me (and the rest of the bros) to join him in his brutal gym sessions.

This is the first part of my gym adventures with Jon.

Sakit hati menunggu.
Sorry bro for making you wait like that.

Needless to say, he went on ahead without me that day. But that doesn't mean that he has given up on me...yet.

It only got worse from here on out. For me at least.



  1. xD Well, I've been thru that phase... and still at that phase.. XDDD

  2. lol, went to the room to change your mind izzit XD

  3. Kesian Jon tunggu.
    That's just mean, dude. Mean. >.<

  4. hahah it is like forcing people to doing things they dun wan . . . sometimes I do that -,-!!


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