Thursday, September 6, 2012

How To Make Your Move On A Girl, part 2

Hello Thursday! And thus the weekend is near once again! Rejoice!

Sorry for the late posting (again) as I was stuck in a time wasting seminar this morning rendering me unable to do a posting at my usual time. Seriously I don't even know why I sat there the whole morning. Free gifts perhaps?

I am so Malaysian.

Anyway, it turns out that we are NOT done with the topic of chatting up girls in a bar as mentioned in the previous episode.  Jon never gives up easily.

This time he was much closer and somewhat almost "luckier".

Guess what or who cockblocked him this time?

READ PART 1 HERE if you haven't.

Jon's market rate that night was at an all time low.
Lost? Confused? New here and don't know what the girls meant? READ THIS STRIP.

Yep. It was me. I cockblocked him from afar. My cockblocking ability has incredible range and I am not even aware of it till I was told about it.

I am so sorry bro. I did not expect that to happen.

Better luck next time, bro. Just don't meet any chicks who happen to read this comic series in order to increase your chances.

"Sial la you, bro."
"I love you too."

Have a great weekend ahead!

P.S. "Bro, don't like that, bro" will be turning TWO this coming 9 September! Yay! Unfortunately, nothing spectacular is going to happen. However, if you do have any questions you would like to ask me (regarding the comic and the bros, or basically just anything as long as it is appropriate and doesn't infringe my human rights) do feel free to ask me via commenting below, Facebook, Twitter, or even through my email as I might post it up when the day comes. But seriously, I don't even know if I am really going to do that but I guess I'll see what kind of questions come along (if any). Anyway, thanks for supporting all these two years! You guys rock my socks and wiggle the....okay nevermind. Thanks though! Keep up the awesomesaurus!


  1. awww... I'm sure there are girls who find Jon's special trait as "endearing".. ahahahha

  2. hey, how about makin that post we discuss the other day for celebrating the TWO?? :p

  3. crocodile in the wada~~

  4. kesian jon la...he shouldn't have admit it XD

  5. wow...this blog same birthday as my sister.
    so, what are you planning to do to celebrate this big event for ur blog??? ;D

  6. congrats on yr two years man! don ever give up :)

  7. Ahaha, awwwww. Kesian Jon! xD Maybe next time, he should say that he's NOT from your webcomic series. Maybe then he has a better chance! ;) haha

    btw, Happy birthday in advance! :D

    I have a question: Is it me or does all your girls (in the comics) are kinda.....well-endowed. If you know what I mean? ;) Is it intentional???? xD

  8. Jon, I still love u even u sh*t in your pants. Hihihihi~ :D

    Btw, congratz for turning 2!!


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