Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mascot Madness!

Hey everyone! I'm back from my break! How's everybody?

What do you mean no one noticed I was gone?

Happy Thursdays everyone! I'm back from my one day break and since this will be the first comic for the second year running of this webcomic series, here's a special edition comic! A massive 12 framed edition!

You can say that the extra six frames makes up for the missing ones from Monday.

It is time for the year of madness! Enjoy!

You never know true fear until you get chased by a 6 foot mascot bear.
Shamus never got to work that day.

I've never seen Jamus run so fast in my life before. Daryl went into sonic speed within seconds and disappeared into a lingerie shop where he couldn't be found. I was hiding between the Legos.

Hope you enjoyed this special second year edition comic! Now I can finally go to sleep!

Another long weekend in Malaysia is coming as next Monday (17 September 2012) is a public holiday, so have a great long weekend once again everyone!


  1. lol omg, if this was reported in the newswpaper, you will become more famous but for the wrong reasons lol

  2. haha, can't imagine how did shamus can run faster... pity him :D

  3. people can be like usain bolt if facing this kind of situation. hahaha.. XD
    so, i believe you guys managed to escape.

    i do hate the mascot as well..dunno why.

  4. ahahahaha famous for the wrong reason, sounds familiar -,-

  5. -___-''' EPIC... the mascot sure pissed off like hell...

  6. aiyohh.. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.. kesian the bear wey... x pasal2 kena belasah

  7. This is the first post I have doubt it ever happened. Lol. You guys actually beat up the mascot? DO u have any idea how expensive those costumes is? lololol

  8. Ernest's face in 6th panel. I demand a meme of that! XD

  9. Oooh a pedobear.......wait wha?

  10. Weiiiii. You seriously went and beat the poor bear up??? OMG, what violence! You should have a warning, like 18PG or something xD

  11. reli ka? this is so drama.. hahahahah i really enjoy reading this blog XD

  12. I beat up a kid once, when I was in the mascot.. :p

  13. Hey Ernest, could I reproduce this comic in a training program on ethics that I'm putting together?
    I think it's a great way to grab the participants' attention on the learning points I'm presenting.

    Of course I'll also include your blog's URL and title so that credit is given to you.

    1. Hi Wilson,
      Of course you can! Feel free to use it:)

      Share the madness.


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