Monday, October 15, 2012

Worst Places to Catch a Fart

Hey it's Monday and we are back toiling ourselves by doing sh*t we don't like so we can get some money and buy sh*t we don't need. Or if you are studying, studying sh*t you don't understand to sit for some exam and not even remembering any sh*t of it later when you are done with it.

Okay that's not exactly a good motivational sentence to start off the new working/schooling week. That's because someone farted in my face this morning.

A fart is a death cloud that everyone emits everyday but necessarily admit to doing it. I still try to believe that girls don't fart at all and don't tell me it isn't so because I would stab you for ruining that imagination of mine. Anyway, everyone farts. Fine. We act all natural and okay when we quietly do it. But what happens when someone else farts at your immediate vicinity? Where could be the worst possible place to catch a death cloud unexpectedly?

Here are a few possible scenarios. Some of which many of us might have experienced before.
Jon now knows why he always wake up with a bad taste in his mouth.
This strip was actually a really old idea of mine and I was against putting this one up as fart jokes are too farty but what the heck right? Everyone farts. But mainly because I didn't want this idea to go to waste. And I want to solidify the fact that Shamus farts in Jon's face. But you knew that already don't you?

You don't? You farty liar.

Just kidding.

So, what's the worst place you caught a fart before? Let me know in the comments below! Why? Because I am a busybody, that's why.

Have a great week ahead!

*fart fart fart*


  1. Challenge accepted.

    Girls fart.

    Come at me bro. XD

    1. What the hell Leon , didn't know you have a fart fetish going on

  2. I remember I fart on escalator when there is no one else XD

  3. I remember I smell someone is farting in the elevater


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