Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bro Long Story: Kidnapped, part 4

Happy Saturdays everyone!

It's time for yet another 3 pages of my 24 paged comic from my 24 hour comic marathon! We are 12 pages in and this was the time while drawing these few pages (about 12 hours in) that my brain started to fail and sputter on me as I was fighting early signs of fatigue and it was not easy since I am a consistent 8 hours sleeper.The story and drawing quality only gets shittier from here on out.

Seriously. It really does gets shittier. From here it is only the beginning of the shittiness. Still I hope you guys enjoy it!

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These kidnappers really have to work on their priorities. But then, so do we.

Things will start to not really make sense in the coming episodes.


Have a great Saturday ahead!

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