Thursday, December 20, 2012

End Of The World: What Will You Do?

Hey happy Thursdays everyone! Well, it wouldn't be so happy if the world is going to end tomorrow.

Supposingly it happens.

When the disaster movie '2012' came out many years ago, many people were convinced that the world was going to end on the date 21/12/12. Today, with less than 24 hours to go, no one seems to give a shit anymore. We wake up and coninue to do our usual shit until the next doomsday date comes about. It's still strange to see that some people are convinced with the doomsday till today. I would hate it so much if they get to be right but I highly doubt they will get that chance. But let's just say we have scientific evidence and there is a meteor the size of Malaysia or a Godzilla in a spacesuit barreling towards our planet at this moment and will impact our planet within 24 hours, what would you do before that disaster occurs?

Here is what the bros will most likely do.
This is how much I believe it is not going to happen.
Come to think of it, maybe the doomsday is also the most annoying day on the planet. Because that is when everyone collectively will state the stupid obvious and once again prove humanity can be a predictable sad sack of shit. Remember 12/12/12?

They should all probably collectively collide with each other and die.

BUT let's just say I am wrong and I am actually the real sad sack of shit and THERE IS a Malaysia sized Godzilla in a spacesuit heading towards our planet right now, what would I really REALLY do?


Football fans will get the joke.
Yep. Don't stop believing.

Of course that Alex Ferguson joke isn't original. I got it from the internet somewhere.

Have a great weekend ahead.

I hope everyone have better things to tweet about tomorrow.


  1. I'm so Jamus and you, Ernest. :D

  2. tomorrow will be such an annoying day :p

  3. I still don't get Sir Alex Furgerson joke... XD

  4. oh well . . .Friday + Doomsday is such a non matching day

  5. Maybe I should lay off internet for a day tomorrow~~ hmm...
    IMPOSSIBRU!! lol.

    I can relate all of the above except for Daryl's motivation... If he marathon the whole collection in a day makes more sense to me. But then again, he hasn't been making any sense before too. lol

  6. delete porn? I will watch all the p*rn till the last moment!!

  7. OMG, is it sad for me to realize that I'm most like Jamus? Wanna eat ALL the fatty food! O.O


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