Monday, February 11, 2013

CNY SPECIAL: What Are The Ingredients of Yee Sang?

Hey happy Monday guys! I'm sure many of you are out holidaying and celebrating the Chinese New Year festivities so I'll keep this brief.

I know I said that there would not be any comic today but hey I had some free time and maybe an unhealthy obsession with this yearly dish where the Chinese eat every year, called the "Yee Sang".

But here is a special comic today for the Chinese New Year. Well, it's not really a comic but more like an infographic but I hope you enjoy it anyways.

For many years, I have no idea what the contents of this dish were and most of the time I have been absent mindedly tossing it high up in the air, screaming "LOU-AHH!!" with my chopsticks and then shoving it in my mouth with whatever is left on the plate.

A little research on the internet enlightend me a little but I still do have a warped perception of Yee Sang.

I may be the worst chinese guy ever.

If there was a test to see how chinese I was, I would fail spectacularly with all the colours of yee sang.

Well, at least in case you have always been curious about this dish, I hope it has been helpful and informative. To be honest, there are still some stuff on the yee sang dish that I haven't still figured out. Either the internet is withholding information or I suck at using Google.

Happy tossing everyone!


And you can now proceed with your awesome holiday.

"Kon Si Pa Cai!"
"I said that's enough!"


Someone shared with me this video news report recently about a strange mysterious light incident on a highway in Stuttgart, Germany.

What's your take on this? More importantly, what the heck was is in that truck???



  1. I have no idea what are the yee sang until I study at West Malaysia. It's not common in Kuching XD

  2. Haha I see it almost the same way you do (I only like the salmon & keropok). I for one just can't enjoy yee sang at all. I usually try to ponteng everytime lol. Why can't we lou burgers, sushis or pizzas instead lol

  3. hahaha..i like your yee sang post..!;p


    p.s: I'm the same. Don't know what they all are. Just toss and eat what's left! ;)


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