Thursday, February 7, 2013

Coincidence With Food

Hey guys! Thursday is looking great as we are only mere days away from the Chinese New Year. It's like the new year except it is for the chinese and whoever feels like celebrating it.

I'm a chinese who feels like celebrating it.

Ever had a coincidence with food? Where something so coincidental that it either destroys or increases your appetite? Like seeing someone eating fried chicken and you go out and get some toast.

That doesn't make a lick of sense because nothing like that ever happens to me. I would end up getting fried chicken.

Back to the point, such coincidences never really happens to me. I meant something like this.

Heed early warning signs next time. 
Okay so this didn't really happen to any of the bros. Just happened to find this picture on the internet one day and it is hilarious as heck so I thought I'd make a comic out of it. Whoever this picture belongs to, do let me know who you are so I could credit you somehow.

Have an amazing weekend and then a long holiday ahead!

Happy Chinese New Year to all! (Of course there will still be a CNY post from me. Wishing you here would be so half assed.)


  1. hahaha...that was hilarious! hahahaha

    Happy CNY to all bros :P

  2. You can relate the news with a comic of a story. Getting more creative d

    1. well, it's good to know about you, but spamming isn't really works.

  3. Kind of ironic to what Jamus's shirt is indicating

  4. madz photoshop skillz you have there. XD lololol.

  5. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! Kesian nya. Happy Chinese New Year ♥


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