Monday, March 11, 2013

Why I No Longer Give to Beggars

Monday. You are back. You son of a bitch.

That is what I would say to Monday on a Monday if he/she was a real person.

So, there was this one time I was meeting up an old friend at a 24 hour mamak stall (seriously how many mamak stall in Malaysia isn't 24 hours these days?) When there is a huge crowd you would know the usual would happen.

Yes. The beggars will come. I'm not so sure if this happens in your country but in Malaysia, this is a really common occurence when you are just trying to have a cup of tea.

You WILL BE a prime target if you are alone and so happens at that time, I was alone as I was waiting for my friend. Of course there are many ways to turn them down (either by ignoring or simply raising your hand and shaking your head) and usually the beggars will leave you alone. But it still doesn't deny the fact that they will attempt to rattle your guilty conscience.

Just because of the guilty conscience part, I decided that I should do some good and give to the less fortunate.

And do good I did.
Even a beggar knows how to cockblock me.

Apparently, there are those who keep coming back once you are nice to them. Like stray cats who keep coming back once you give them food.

Teach a man to fish, they say.

Unfortunately, this is also very prevalent these days in Malaysia on a federal government scale. Handouts. Handouts everywhere. In the end, no one will know how to fish. Yay, progress.

But what do I know. I'm just a lowly comic artist. 

My comic story doesn't just end there however. When I was walking back to my car, I saw this.

The same f*cking beggar I gave RM1 earlier.
True story.

That's it. I'm considering a career switch to be a full time beggar now.

"Bro, weren't you just talking about how people should learn how to fish?"
"Do you know how many fishes I would have to sell just to get a Merc?"
"Technically, I will be fishing for people's sympathy."
"I want a Merc."

Currently, I consider myself to be an internet beggar. That's a start. Right?

Yay, progress.

Have a great week ahead. 


  1. very lofty ambition. I should consider that too :p

  2. I would react the same if I were you

  3. LOL if you believe in karma, then your up a point so dont worry :)

  4. It happens to me before.. well, not until the merc car.. ;)

  5. LOL! so funny but it's true story loh~
    i feel myself like internet beggar too~

  6. OK now, where is that RM1 button I can click to sedekah to you? LoL!

  7. I learned one way to help and not wrongly help from a friend.
    If they ask for money, say you won't give money but they can go order chap fan or a meal at the coffee shop on you. :D

  8. You're serious? What kind of beggar lar weiiiiiiii @.@
    Ahaha, oh well. Got soft heart also kena :/


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