Monday, May 20, 2013

One Missed Call

Hey everybody! Monday is here!

Let's all punch him in the heart.

So the past few weeks was rife with subjects and issues on political matters and I couldn't help myself to get in on the fun and make some jokes at our dear politician's expense. It was worth it and thankfully they haven't grabbed me from my own home and toss me into a comfortable 4 by 4 cell.

Today I shall tone things down a bit, mainly because I do not want to get too politically loud and have a bunch of special forces do the butt dance in front of my house (which Daryl might most probably join in the fun).

Also, I am waiting for the next joker to come out.

If you have been following this comic series for a bit, you will realise that Jamus has a strange relationship with his mobile phone. And that continues in today's comic.

And Jamus didn't even realise a damn thing.

I worry for Jamus as I do sometime suspect he might be a bit mentally retarded.

But then again.
Yep. We are all retarded.

Have a great week ahead!


  1. both got short-term memory lose. haha

  2. Bravo retarded bros~!

    LOL. xD

  3. Been there done that! I'll call the fella back after a few hours when I saw the "missed call" and be like, "yeah? U called me?" LOLOLOL Fail.

  4. haha..that

    Media Launch of DiGi WWWOW Internet For All Awards 2013..

  5. bro, make 1 asking to miss call a non-miss-call-able object... like lost car key.
    i often do that to my friends hehehe.

    Try Miss Call Your Car Keys?

  6. i so do that!i'll be cracking my head trying to guess why i called my i have two phones, if i misplaced one, i use the other one to locate..haha~

  7. AHAHHAHAHA OMG that's funny! xD

    But then be honest.....we've all had that @.@ hahaha

  8. i thought it was something bout the horror movie.


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