Thursday, June 6, 2013

5 Types Of Reactions to Gwiyomi

Hey everyone! It's Thursday and it's comic time!

Gwiyomi? Ya I know I am slowpoke.

So many weeks back, there was this internet abomination phenomenon called the Gwiyomi, right after the Harlem Shake, which I thought was pretty rad. I was talking about the Harlem Shake. Gwiyomi is far from being rad anytime. Both are abominations though.

I hadn't the slightest idea what this damn Gwiyomi is all about but I guess by now we all should know what it is lest you want to sound like a fungal covered troglodyte in an abandoned cave somewhere. (Google is your friend). I have seen people embracing it, hating it, not giving a shito about it so I decided to spend a grand total of 2 minutes of research time to analyse people's reaction to the dance.

Here is my opinion on the five typical types of reactions to Gwiyomi videos.

Now some of you might be into this Gwiyomi thing and might hate me after reading my comic about it but I really don't give a shit.

Which was your reaction?
So before you decide to Gwiyomi, just think twice. Someone might decide to wank to your video.

Disclaimer: Even Daryl doesn't wank to these Gwiyomi videos. I am just using him as an example to illustrate my point.

"But bro, no one does Gwiyomi videos anymore?"
"What? Really?"
"This comic is now officially lame and makes no sense."

Have a great weekend ahead!


  1. hahaha im the combo of LITERAL + HATER! eh really dont get it lor....????!

  2. The Opportunist is the best.. XD

  3. *ZIP!* hahhahahaha perveeeeeeeeeeeeertttttttttttttttttttt

  4. I can't help it, not sure that "japanese" thingy is done purposely or you really think it's japanese... =.=

  5. Gwiyomi is Korean rite??? At least better than Harlem Shake. Hahaha...

  6. Gwiyomi is Korean rite??? At least better than Harlem Shake. Hahaha...

  7. i don't trust your 'Disclaimer' :p

  8. Opportunist here... unzips pants.. phew..

  9. Ah haha. seriously.
    My reaction was, what a copy cat, what gwiyomi has been doing was just acting cute,
    and doing what the Taiwanese has been doing forever. What they called the "5 shots style"
    so honestly, I cannot see the fuss with it either. duh.


    coincidence? lol

  11. Huhuhu...gwiyomi is korean bro..

  12. Haha .. pity u Daryl, zip!! Anyway, love Shamus way :)

  13. I'm a kpop fan but i don't really care about gwiyomi hahaha

  14. well, i don't understand about the gwiyomi part but the girl very very cute hehehe

  15. people actually wank to gwiyomi???????????LMAO!

  16. <--- The funniest gwiyomi I've ever watched! HHAHAHHA XD

  17. mine was the hater. more like you. These bitches think they're so fucking cute....

  18. I'm a hater too.
    I was at the bank today, and a man's phone rang... and his ringtone was Gwiyomi loh. OMG!! WHY??
    Maybe he was an opportunist, hahaha.
    Here's a dance off that i "like" though:

  19. Gwiyomi is Korean. I think the song is cute (have still refrained from watching the original video cos people say it's annoying) and I'm proudly using it as my message alert tone---though my bros are threatening to kill me every time they hear it @.@

  20. I have the hard time to find the original version (I just now Gwiyomi through your blog, pretty slow huh?) but thanks for your sharing :)

  21. A hater. And I had a good laugh when my friend showed me this

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    1. "This is not a spam"
      ....not a spam....

  23. Gwiyomi is a Korean word,Not Japanese


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