Thursday, October 24, 2013

Man VS Smoke

Hey happy Thursdays! Hope you're having a great week so far! If not, there is always the weekend which is only one Friday away.

Why does time move so slow?

Anyway, here's a comic about how a man can pick a fight with smoke. That man is Shamus. Though using the term 'man' on a guy like Shamus is kinda overdoing it.

He is going to kill me for saying that.

All the bros are not very manly. The only thing manly about me are my tears. Manly tears.

I have detoured a bit there. Here's the comic.

BBQ smoke is a trolling sentient being.
Should have done the dishes instead.

I actually do think that BBQ smoke does have a mind of its own.

Have a great weekend ahead.


  1. I laughed a little too much at this. Thank you for making me question if I actually have sophisticated taste. hahaha. XD

  2. Shamus's sunglasses disappeared on 4th and 5th panel

  3. I have no idea why but the smoke does tends to follow every time i tried to avoid it. This happen during the uncivilized times when we do open trash burning.

  4. It's actually quite easy to overcome this in Shamus case, just put a table fan near to the BBQ stove & voila the wind will always be at one direction...

  5. BBQs are good.....only get to do this once in a while......and even new year......

    just remember to bring a fan to blow it away......

  6. It's the most annoying thing about bbq-ing. You stand on one side to avoid the smoke, it comes to you like flies to a light.

    Or worse, the person on the opposite side of the pit decides to fan the charcoal and you get a mouthful of smoke. ><

    On the plus side, getting to eat honey bbq chicken wings with friends is the best!!

  7. Ok, now I wanna have BBQ just to check how sentient BBQ smoke can be.... Plus, GRILLED MEAT. YES.

  8. This is why smoke follows you.


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