Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The New Ford Fiesta Presents Hitz.fm Birthday Invasion!

Hey! Surprise Tuesday comic!

It is also sponsored. Just in case you didn't notice but don't worry I am not hard selling today.

So about a week back, I managed to score myself invites to two events on the same day. One call was from Ford and another was from Ean of Hitz.fm. For me it will be considered a productive day since I haven’t gone and do many event coverages lately.

That was the same day that I got myself certified as an idiot.

Here’s what happened.

I was the butt of Ean's jokes after that.
Yeah. So apparently they were the SAME EXACT EVENT!

I failed so hard that my physics paper from secondary school must be rolling in his grave.

Turns out it was a collaboration between Ford and Hitz.fm to come up with the most epic launch/birthday party ever. To be honest I’ve never seen an anniversary party for a radio station at this scale before. It spanned out the entire evening till 12am the next day! And the crowd was really into the whole thing!

What a way to actually launch a new car with a full scale concert performance. Seriously I thought it was a pretty awesome idea.

Here are some of the amazing performances that evening!

I might be hard selling a bit.
Ok, so I didn’t really got on stage to be a retarded hype man. I was just so close to the stage that I felt like I was really up there. Or maybe I was drunk enough to be able to imagine myself being up there.

It was a massive party throughout the night and Chester See really got the girls screaming and my presence got some girls running. 

This collaboration? Genius. That is a word which I am unfortunately not.

Hope to see more stuff like this in years to come! Great party!

Before ending the post today, do check out Ford’s Facebook page HERE!

Have a great week ahead!


  1. demmit that version of Fiesta is nicer than mine man! oh no!!!

  2. I wanted to go. But I imagined it's gonna be suuuuper crowded and since i don't get no VIP tics, I feel like I'm just gonna suffocate and die there. lol. So I didn't go :p (despite how much I really like Chester See)

  3. Wish I had that chat with you while I had a chance... TT_TT

    Sean @ Hypertune


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