Thursday, November 21, 2013

Another Thing Not To Say To A Woman

Hello everyone! How's everybody? 

Wow. Finally a new post after a short absence which is actually only a week ago but it felt like forever. I'm so sorry that there has been a lack of comics this week as the book recently got announced and things are just a little busy on my end here. I hope that the book has enough comics inside to keep you entertained during these busy times. That being said, I would like to thank everyone who has gone to the bookstores to grab a copy. It really means a lot to me. Three years ago, I had no idea that anyone would even bother with this silly series of mine. Thank you so much for showing your support. 

And now here is a tasteless comic right after that heartfelt speech.

Jasmine was in a pissy mood in the house lately and Shamus got in the way.

He learnt the hard way.
Can someone please tell me why this isn't one of the things you should say to a woman?

That would be very helpful. Thanks.

Have a great weekend ahead!

To Johorians and Singaporeans, I will see you this Sunday!


  1. I have no problem about ppl saying that to me... well except when I am genuinely pissed off about something than the other person decides to bo-layan me with that excuse. I'm not surprised if that is the case here. lol

  2. LOLsss! I like to say that too =p

  3. I say that a lot and that's the exact reaction I got most of the times...

  4. Why did a women live with five guys in the first place...?

  5. Because it sounds like girls behave according to the uterus but not the brain @@

  6. Because when woman gets angry it's NOT ALWAYS due to PMS, sometimes it's genuinely because of the problem, and by having people making the assumption as above, I'd be mad too.

  7. whoa! u gonna go johor and singapore sign books? XD have fun!

    hmmm sometimes girl . . . I neva encounter obvious period mode punya girl la . . . if got also I don remember lol

  8. What the two anonymous persons said. It implies that

    1) she think with hormones only, not with brains (aka women = not smart, irrational, etc);

    2) you're dismissing the underlying issues that caused the anger, which makes it sound like you don't actually care about the lady or her opinions;

    3) she are essentially incapable of rational thought for essentially a quarter of their reproductive lives (assuming one’s period is monthly and lasts a week), which again like (1) dismisses her intelligence and capability to actually think beyond physical discomfort. When men get a wrist injury or something, they don't immediately turn into snarling raging animals, right? Menstruation is not even that serious or painful most of the time.

    There's actually a term for using a flimsy excuse like this to cause a person to doubt their perception and their intelligence, called "gaslighting". You can look it up on Wikipedia.

    1. Addenum: menustration is essentially some minor bloodloss and probably some added sensitivity to pain. Depending on the person's personality, it might make them a little cranky, like if you don't have enough blood sugar or something, but it does not make everyone go "crazy".

  9. What everyone else said. It's insulting, and when you say it to an already-angry woman.....

  10. Because guys just can't blame everything on periods. We get angry for other reasons too.

  11. bro, just bought your book today and finished it already, i was laughing all the way at your new stories and smiling along with some of your older ones, i would it was definitely a worthy buy, although the 25% discount for popular members help lol

  12. I'd get pissed if you said that to me too. Doesn't matter if I really am on my period or not--it's not the point. When a guy says that, it's like you're downplaying the reason I'm upset. Just hormones, not like it's anything significant -.- Who wouldn't get mad? I think my boyfriend can give a lecture on this himself, after getting it from me so many times! xD

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