Monday, November 11, 2013

Wishing Upon A Star

Hey Monday what is up? Looks like I didn't start Monday off on a right foot and it feels like everything has gone to shit. I topped off my awesome weekend with the sourest bit of cherry anyone could ever find.

But that is a story for another time.

Here is another example of how something has gone to shit for me as well.

Should have probably wished for something when I saw that shooting star. Even if it was dead.

Things probably would have been better.

In lighter news, remember the thing that I said was coming? I'd been harping about it since last week. Yes, it is inching ever closer as we speak.

Just a couple more days before the announcement.

This is the best I could do to somehow make you excited.
Any guesses what's coming?

This has to be the easiest thing to guess.

Please be excited.

Have a great week ahead!


  1. Don't change for someone else :) Besides, if that was me, I'd say the same thing because it's true. Interesting facts ftw!

    The chances of getting what you wished for is close to none if you don't work for it.

  2. if you wish upon a star your argument is correct, it's a shooting star different story bro. ahaha. that cost you one hot chick. #starcockblock #idontcareyoucanthashtaghere ;)

  3. bro, anytime soon. i'm waiting. haha... maybe i should see if there is any falling star i can wish on...

  4. aiyoh....... no romantic at all weh... sometimes girls know the fact, they just do it for fun... which sadly many guys lack of... -_-"

  5. Just wish you can make the time stops and be with her forever bro!

  6. Lol! it's not a star, it's a meteor and it exists at the moment :)) so your wish might come true!!

  7. girl's logic rules no 998: never talk about science facts

    take note

    1. Wa lao, rule No 998 somemore.... by the time I reach 9, my memory bank already full le.....

    2. lol..even write in a book..full dictionary also cant beat it page

  8. and that my friends, is why nerds never get laid. hahaha.

  9. But the explanation of a dying star is flawed. What u witness was a shooting star. A shooting star is actually pieces of space debris burning up in our atmosphere due to friction with air molecules. If u witness the deathof a star then u should see a blast aka a supernova where the star explodes its guts and lit up the space around it and also emiting huge burst of gamma and alpha waves.

  10. guys please guess the upcoming event by the bros..
    err..comic maybe?

    what ha?what ha?

  11. comic book!!! orrr....
    the real person in the comic? lol

  12. stupid la. wish upon a shooting star la. shooting star nearby only and happens when meteor enter earth atmosphere. doesn't take several hundred years for the light to travel earth. it's almost real time.

  13. FACT :
    Science ALWAYS spoils romance. NEVER EVER prove to a girl how smart u are at science!!! Its a TOTAL TURNOFF for girls.

  14. Hahaha.. LOL.
    Anyway something for you to LOL as well, Legend has it..

  15. LOL, don't talk about science laa when you dating a girl.. kakakaka..
    the upcoming event, your comic book?

  16. Ahaha, we KNOW the star's been "dead" but it's romantic maaaa xD


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