Monday, December 16, 2013

The Stupidest Thing

Hey Monday! It is comic time! Turns out #itshawktime didn't trend. That's okay I know I'm not a trendy person.


Anyway, here's today's comic. Time for another attempt at combating Monday blues!

Daryl and I decided that we needed to go shopping for home supplies.

Instant boobs are actually kinda awesome.
What's the stupidest shit that you ever bought? Let me know in the comments below.

Minion *cough* 

Have a great week ahead!


  1. hahahha...daryl seems pretty hamsap...

  2. haha...the most stupid thing I've ever buy...? all the things that I buy and the then I just dunno what to do with them...mostly all those cute little things!

  3. A trip to Daiso would ensure that you buy "stupid shit" one.

    That said, have bought way too much stupid stuff to remember.

  4. is that a man bra???

  5. never seen such a thing before eh~ where to buy ah? lol~ XD

  6. Eh. got ah? where to buy? hahah.
    Maybe we can use for shows.
    Good eye Daryl, for spotting it. lol

  7. gosh are you sure this is sold in Malaysia?

  8. WTH. I know you guys are obsessed with boobs, but never thought you'd want some of your own! xD Stupid shit! wakakaka

  9. Wow I didn't know they have such things. haha.

  10. I didn't know such things exit! LOL


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