Monday, March 3, 2014

Mind Your Own Online Business

This is sort of a sponsored post.

Hey how’s everyone doing?

For the past couple of years, there’s a surge in online businesses and startups. Some made it, some failed. But those that made it made serious bank. If only I was more business savvy but I end up drawing comics online and I am still as poor as shit.

It is a no brainer that online businesses are the in thing now and everyone would like to have their own. It’s much easier than opening up a conventional physical store like those days. Anyone can run a money making business plan from the comfort of their own home these days.

It sounds so easy that Shamus thought of trying his hand at it.

Guess who became the colossal asshole that pour cold water at all his aspiration?

Me. Who else.
But it is a known fact these days that online businesses aren’t as easy as people think it is. There are a lot of things to consider when venturing into the e-commerce sector.

There is a simpler solution though.

Even I have no idea what Jon just said.
And we have no idea what happened to the real Jon.

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If you do get rich after this, please do call me out and buy me and my bros a meal.

We are waiting.

Just for your info, the bros eat like dinosaurs.

Have a great week ahead!


  1. I'm not rich yet, but would be cool to have a meal with you and your bros. haha :p

  2. "Its pretty to set up"

    LOL.. XD

    Or was it intentional? o.o

  3. wah, that E-Buzz getting viral nowadays kan? Wishing u all the best Shamus, good luck. :)

  4. Is Jon that smart? I think Shamus totally do'nt understand what you and Jon (suspected) said. BTW, I also dunno how to start. Anyways, when will the next comic be posted? Thanks.


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