Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I Do It For The Exposure!

Hey everyone! How's things?

Yeah I bet a lot of people, especially my friends who are in the creative line, will be puzzled with the title I just put up.

"Has Ernest lost his mind? Someone call the mental hospital!"

Bet it will also get your attention but hey, I believe in the power of clickbait because at times I can be an insufferable attention seeker.

Even at this point of my creative career, I still get the occasional "we-will-give-you-exposure-instead-of-paying-you-real-money" from potential clients. I do not know why that is but rather than getting annoyed by such requests, I find that playing along with it yields much more satisfactory results.

Sarcasm is my favourite friend.
I still do not understand why companies who have the potential to pay you for your hard work would prefer to pay you with a "currency" which does not have any monetary or tangible value which you could trade for your meals and daily essentials. If I put in some hard work, I expect to get paid. End of story.

Of course, exposure is also good to an extent and you should always weigh it out to see if the effort you are going to put in is justifiable with said 'exposure'. However, to put it simply, why not give me BOTH money AND exposure? That would make me really really happy.

As a creative person, always know your worth and know that your time also has value as much as theirs. Do not let these corporations influence you where it obviously seems more like they are taking advantage of your skills and time.

The last time where someone did something just for exposure was called slavery and the only thing you get exposed to was the harsh sunlight while you lay yet another brick for the pyramids.

Let's all be on the same page and live in modern times shall we?
I would say F-off but that would have been too unprofessional.
The only exposure I would give is my buttcheeks.

Have a great rest of the week ahead!


  1. Finally an update. Bro, I waited so...... long that my neck now is roughly 1m long lor....

    1. lolol thank you for your patience. I hope you find new enjoyment in your life as a giraffe.

  2. Finally an update. Bro, I waited so...... long that my neck now is roughly 1m long lor....

  3. they think people like us can live without money...all tanam sendiri, masak sendiri one.. -_-

  4. Bro. Nowadays you already famous. No need exposure more lah.

  5. apa yg exposure boleh beli ekk....wondering wondering....hahahahahahaha

  6. OH!!! Thank you for spelling this out on behalf of those who are suffering in this field!!!!

  7. So true, that's what some freelance artist and designer always facing right now. Apparently, they only focus on the word "free" on freelance...and the rest is just unaudible muffle...

  8. "The only exposure I would give is my buttcheeks."
    So, will you still do it?

  9. oh man,, after so long bro!! Anyway nice post..


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