Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Whenever My Mum Calls Me Down For Dinner

Hey everyone!

So I was supposed to continue from where I left off previously with this comic but I got distracted with socio-political issues.

Back to the topic now.

Apparently in my previous comic, people are all telling me that my mum leaves the door open because she wants me to stop whatever I am doing and move my ass but this comic will explain it further.

Even after I move my damn ass.

It is never ready.
So even though she calls me, leaves my door open for the demons to enter, and I move my ass to dinner, there is no dinner waiting.

Furthermore. she actually expects that I sit in the living room and wait like I am at a restaurant or something.

My mum's logic is an enigma.

There is another thing that she does which I will cover in the next post. Provided I don't get distracted again.

Have a great week ahead!


  1. Because based on your mom's experience, it takes repeated attempts to call u down for dinner. mana tau, that day call you once, u came down terus. must go buy number...

  2. wei but takkan you expect you as a son to be treated like a boss also, when finish cooking then only call you. as a son you pandai-pandai to help her lar if she call you early go down. i think it's more of you think this is a restaurant ah, chef cook for you? It's your mother lar come on.


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