Monday, January 24, 2011

Brothers Battle Royale: The Morning After

What a crazy weekend! Thoroughly enjoyed it but at the expense of my two dear kidneys. No. I am not about to die anytime soon.

So there were some readers who were wondering if a slug fest ever did ensue after the fight between the brothers. Fret not! Your question will be answered in today's cartoon!

This week's cartoon is short and simple as it is only one frame long! Sorry if it is not up to your usual expectations but I was going for something heartwarming and containing moral value for once. Sometimes these bros of mine are not all just madness as they can be really awesome (though weird) people. Here is how:

Do read PART 1 and PART 2 here just in case you are just only tuning in and unsure of what is going on.

Best brothers award

Wow. These brothers only just fought the night before and they are already back to being best friends. It's amazing but I'm sure many people are like them as well.

Just some translation help for those who do not understand the language of Bahasa Melayu:

  • Gaduh besar = Big fight
  • Maki = Scold
  • Tolak-tolak = Shove
  • Naik angin = Get mad
  • Bertumbuk = Trade fists
  • Air Dicincang Tidak Akan Putus = (literal translation) Water can never be sliced in half (*not sure if this is correct?)

Hmm....Apparently Daryl has not been appearing much in the comics lately. So I am just going to slot him here randomly just in case anyone misses him.

Daryl: Never giving up the hunt...

That's it for Monday's comic! Hope you enjoyed it!

Chinese New Year is less than two weeks away! Do stay tuned for a (predictable) surprise!

Happy Birthday to one of the bros, Jon, who just turned 24 this year! Happy birthday bro! You owe me a kidney.


  1. or in english they say

    blood is thicker than water.

    wah,the enxt day kawan baik balik meh?nice one.can smile and make joke out of it summore.hahahah.

    tell Jon i wish him Happy Besday!!

  2. Pitto took the words out of me mouth!!!!!

  3. heheheheheh,im an expert on that.wanna learn the art?

    oi ernest,where's my next strip,faster,need to laugh.

  4. @Pauline: haha, im starting to feel Daryl's ur fav character")
    @pitto: yeah maybe the right proverb in english is "Blood is thicker than water". yeah their fight only lasted for a few hours. i was flabbergasted when they could even joke about it. Jon says thanks:) next strip? coming soon!
    @velarian: haha pitto can read ur mind!

    Thanks for dropping your comments here:)

  5. ohh ..saye peminat daryl! ehhehehee

  6. you don't simply translate malay to english. sound so weird.
    funny la those brothers.. fighting like there's no tomorrow. but then..


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