Monday, January 17, 2011

Clam to the Head

Wow, yet another slow week and Monday seemed to have found its way around the corner again! For those who were expecting something last Thursday, I am really sorry I did not have the time and resources to be able to put something up nor notify you guys due to my real life commitments (which sucks, apparently).

Yes, I know it's been slow the past week but hopefully things will pick up soon! Uploads of my cartoons once per week is too long of a wait for internet readers' standards but due to the 'polished' *ehem* nature of my cartoons, it is not easy to come up with something more than once per week. Do you guys think I should reduce my cartoon's quality (maybe slightly) to increase the content upload frequency for this blog? Let me know in your comments!

Anyhow, here's another comic to start off your week once again! It happened a few weeks ago during one of the bros night out of having some "kerang bakar", meaning: roasted clams for our international readers out there ;)

Stop splashing clam juices everywhere!
Just in case you are wondering, the two characters, Shamus and Jamus are brothers hence Jamus calls Shamus "kor" which means big brother in a dialect called Hokkien:)

Looks like the initial format of having a white backdrop did not really catch on due to lack of response. I know mostly the responses were to have a white backdrop but I shall stick to the grey at the moment as I feel it makes the cartoon colors stand out even more and look even larger. We'll see how it goes if I do get more responses to change it back to white.

Anyway, for those who would like to be updated through FB in a more personal manner, do add yourself to the Fan Page and I will drop personal updates to you each time there are new updates or postings on the blog! Do not worry I will not spam your FB inbox no matter how tempting that is;) I also have uploaded some sketches of my cartoons (before being colored and totally RAW) in the Gallery so you can check it out if you are the type who likes to see how many cartoons look like before and after! Don't forget to LIKE the Facebook Official Page as well and leave your shout outs there!

Shamus, go take a bath. You smell like clams.


  1. Last picture there, he aint wearing shades no more? hehehhe

  2. Even Jamus's getting furious also look so cute la...Love it~

  3. Damn nice your comic!!!
    Once a week may be a long wait but I think quality makes up for it. just DON'T STOP POSTING!!

    Don't stop posting, don't like that bro!

  4. LOL! Kor is a kitty kat too! He hates getting his paws wet XD

  5. @Anglia: he is in furious mode so his shades magically disappear:D
    @pauline: yes, in real life also very cute :P
    @leslie: thanks! haha appreciate those encouraging words! will keep posting every week!
    @miss anis: haha, his real name is Shamus. The guy in green is his brother hence he calls Shamus 'kor' (it means "big brother" in hokkien:) yes he is like a cat!

  6. shamus dan jamus adik beradik la??? oo...

  7. @brat2104: yeap! u r right! they are real life brothers! sometimes gaduh gila babi in public one...

  8. Ahaha, I noticed all the wide eyes staring at Shamus in the last frame! xD

  9. @liz: well, it wasnt exactly a quiet affair when jamus dunked the basin of clams on his brothers head LOL


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