Sunday, January 9, 2011

Your Personality From The Way You Sleep

This time I feel the week has gone by very slowly so the usual Monday caught me up in the ass again did not occur as I managed to finish this week's strip earlier than usual without the consistent rushing of finishing my cartoon on time. Perhaps maybe there are no greeting cards to make in a couple of weeks (but Chinese New Year coming! Do expect a CNY greeting card from me when it comes!) So enjoy this early upload of this week's comic!

This week I want to post a "Know Your Bros Better" like the one I did about instant noodles since a lot of people loved that kind of style in the comic (it also happens to be the first comic I ever uploaded!) so I guess its no harm exploring that again. Perhaps more like it would come soon!

You know sometimes people say your sleeping style defines a little bit of your personality, so this is my take on it. Enjoy!

I had to do a little research on my bros to come up with this. I actually found out these are the REAL styles they actually sleep in! I know I am being creepy by looking at how my bros sleep.

Yeah, I guess my analysis on personality based on sleeping styles only applies to the bros. But I do hope its helpful to define your personality (if you do find some similarities of the styles with yoursefl!) :P

For those who are just tuning in, you might not understand the joke on the fetus style. Its actually a running gag that has been going on in this webcomic. Check out HERE to understand what I mean.

In case you are wondering, no all of us do not sleep on the same bed like how you see in this week's comic. Occasionally, yes though.

It's been a hectic and tiring weekend for me so  I guess it time for bed right after I post this up. I'll see you  next week! Unless I do want to post a surprise comic on Thursday ;)


  1. nice.. =) The way u described Jamus's sleeping style is spot on. Keep up the good work.

  2. did u sleep like that ernest?LOL

  3. But but I sleep in all of that styles! How am I going to analyze myself? OMG. I am not analyzable! @____@

  4. YUP...For sure Ernest sleep that way...
    hmmm...unless he is sleeping alone...

  5. @Jess: haha.. memang. he starfish everytime one.
    @Cg: yeah man. i memang sleep like that. ppl say dam weird
    @miss anis: hahaha.. u cant have them all!!! yes u are unanalyzable!!!
    @pauline: hahaha.. wat do u mean ahhhh

  6. ahahah,now i got another webcomic to read upon to relieve stress on working time.

    nice job bro,reading from the 1st,might take sometime to finish up all.

  7. Thanks pitto! Glad you enjoy this series so far! Do share with your friends!

    I think one day can finish up all la... i did not upload that much yet lol

  8. yo ernest...u 4get to state that shamus like to shake his leg 1st b4 falling!

  9. yo kim! I think he is the only one in the world to shake his leg before he sleeps la! hahaha! I need to put in something where everyone else also does it too

  10. damn, try to read from the first and stumble here to comment that, I am Daryl.. shooot.. but that style is sure comfort one la.. :D

  11. i sleep like you too . funeral style . sometimes when I closed my eye I think I'm dead


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