Monday, January 3, 2011

First Comic of 2011

Happy January and Happy New Year everyone! Hope each and everyone one of you had a blast!

This is a little bit late but I managed to rush through and finish it slightly over the usual time hence the slightly late upload of this week's comic! (My latest upload time on Monday is usually at 1a.m. GMT+8) The celebration over the weekend almost made me to not have enough time to come up with something over the weekend. Hope it's readable enough and not too messy! (The frames this round has more elements in it but I guess since it's the new year I wanted ALL the bros to be in this week's comic)

Since its the new year, I did a slight change on the usual format of my comics (HINT: The usual dark grey backdrop has been replaced with white) So, what do you think? Grey or white? Need your honest opinion on this ;)

Anyway, this is the story of what transpired during my new year eve's celebration with my bros.
Don't worry, Jamus is still able to hear things.

Have a great 2011 ahead, guys and gals!


  1. white.definitely..or lighter gray perhaps

  2. the background so damn funny. 3 of them fighting LMAO

  3. White is nicer! :) Funny comics hehe good work!

  4. i still remember this.....haha

  5. Good Job! Love the background work!
    Esp Jon...he looks high! TOO HIGH!!! LOL

  6. thanks guys:) appreciate the feedback. some readers still do tell me the original dark grey is still nicer though. dont know if i should revert. oh well! thanks for the feeback guys! love u all!

  7. thanks una! thank god jamus is all right and didnt go deaf

  8. haha . jamus is so cute when meletup


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