Monday, March 21, 2011

Pengotor, part 2

Monday is here once again! As usual I have uploaded something to ease those blues you might or might not have. Anyhow, enjoy this week's comic! (Personally, it might not be that funny but I am building up for an epic ending) Remember, this story is very real.

We will now proceed with the continuation of the pengotor series. Part 2!

READ PART 1 HERE FIRST if you haven't.

click on picture to enlarge!

Continued in PART 3

I had to bleach my car seats after that. Thanks very much Shamus.

To be continued in Part 3... Stay tuned!


  1. which car was this when it happen? really geli la...

  2. i think better buy a new seat la..... mesti got bacteria.....

  3. maybe u have to get that Febreze anti-bacteria in ur car
    just in case :D

  4. @nizam: hahah no money buy new seats bro... if buy one must buy full set
    @una:haha yeah. i would need to use one full bottle to make myself at peace!

  5. you said got "masam manis", i felt like puking... yuck...

  6. hahah! he actually said that word!

  7. huahahhaa loooool...
    Ernest make sure this is happened long before we did our shooting eh? xD I was sitting in that back seat remember!!! Ohhh nooo hahahhaa

  8. haha nicha it didnt happen long before we did shooting. it happened way after. so ur safe lol XD


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