Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dogsitting: Part 3

Hey guys! I'm back from my holidays! We came home and were very surprised to see the house is still intact. We suspect Daryl might have caused some big havoc when we were not around that he quickly cleaned up to remove all traces of evidence.

Also no fluffy puppy carcass! But there might be one in today's strip...

So as promised, we continue on Mocha's adventure with the bros!

This time, we look at how I interacted with the stupid dog.

Read the initial parts if you haven't: Part 1, Part 2, Part 2.5
But it's okay if you don't as the strips doesn't continue from one another.

And also a big misunderstanding...

This one REALLY did happen almost exactly except for the last part. Mocha did not have a concussion and fainted, thank the bloody heavens for that. She just simply walked away after the impact. (Yes, Mocha is a female dog in case you haven't noticed it yet)

But Jasmine still gave me an ass kicking though.

Continued in PART 4



    what fatality move did Jasmine use?

    Wait till jasmine read this cuz you call Mocha "stupid dog". XD lololol... better change before she come XD

  2. she did an uppercut to my gonads. LOL
    yeah better change it later i kena another fatality move from her.

    or maybe not! :P

  3. Jasmine she a black twd!!
    ernest kena sebat!!

  4. lol, I thought Pendekar Laut. Tetakan Pemutus Zuriat FTW!

  5. bro, dont like that la, bro.... that sounds painful man...


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