Friday, June 3, 2011

Home Alone

Hey guys sorry about the delay in the posting which was supposed to be yesterday! And its already 1pm?? Geez, I really need to learn to wake up earlier...

Right, we now continue on the Dogsitting series

Nope! We're taking a slight detour as I need to make an announcement. What better way to make an announcement than by putting it into a comic strip! Right?

Here it is! It's a special MASSIVE EDITION today! Enjoy!

There's no stopping him now.
Disclaimer: I know this didn't happen (yet) but it is more or less my prediction of what will happen when we're not around. Also, apparently Jon can't spell Daryl's name.

Yep! I'm posting this right before I leave the house. So, Jon, Shamus, Jamus and I are going for a holiday thus inadvertently (or intentionally) leaving Daryl behind. But we know he'll be fine.

Daryl, Mocha is in your hands and if we come home to a brown fluffy puppy carcass on the floor, you are responsible.

Just kidding. Daryl loves Mocha.

Therefore, there won't be a comic next Monday and my comic uploads will only resume on next Thursday (9 June 2011) Hopefully I'm back before then!

Dogsitting series will return next week!

Have a great weekend guys!


  1. Is that ikea chair? I thought it is only in black colour.

    Have a nice holiday!
    *Feeling jealous, damn you rich people, can go holiday anytime you want* >.<

  2. ok for sure daryl went sunway p for shopping~

  3. @sumbuddy: they have it in white as well:) thanks now im back so its back to the drawing table for me! *im not rich la.. i wish i was*
    @joann: how u know?? u saw him there ah? haha

  4. U draw daryl as if he's skinny... I thought he is quite fit (since he is a pilot)?

  5. lol! he is actually dam skinny! trust me! jon's the fit one!

  6. u guys seriously left him alone and went to pulau perhentian without him?

  7. lol yeah we did. we are bad friends.

  8. eventho u guys left him alone at home...but still he have his own way to partayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  9. they should put a cctv and monitors daryl far away lol


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