Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Scary Sight

Welcome to Thursday folks! The weekend draws near!

This incident happened rather recently which have left one of the bros scarred for life. I won't spoil it right now but telling you who so read on to find out. But tread with caution. You might be scarred too.

WARNING: Horrific image ahead. Viewer discretion is advised!

Indescribably horrifying. 

Well, in case you don't understand what the heck just happened (because you are too young but if you are too young you shouldn't be reading this comic series but hey, it's the Internet so I don't blame you. You might even have a porn tab open in your web browser so it's seriously none of my concern), I will give you a hint of what Jon saw:

(_!_) <---- This.

If you zoom in real up close to the dot in the middle of that image you will see this shape: *

That's the forbidden eye.

If you still don't get it because you are still too young, go look up for some anal porn on the Internet. That'll do you good. Very informative as well.

Better yet, use a mirror.

But if it's in the case of seeing one of your bro's "eye", it might be too much information already.
Trauma max.
We stayed home after that.

Have a great weekend guys!

Note to self: Avoid Daryl for a week.


  1. more like a burnt V.. oh wait, guys don't have a V.. :P

  2. to jamus 3 second rule always work eh? ;p

  3. euh, wrong time to read ur comic today
    I haven't eat yet!

  4. It is the scariest eye I've ever seen too.. No,I mean,imagining Daryl makin me feel more horrible.. Ho ho ho.. :-P..

  5. never underestimate the power of a hidden dark place...

    poor jon.

  6. That's the last thing on earth i would see XD

  7. LOL.scariest and epic gross "eye" ever. Daryl's dark secret finally revealed!

  8. HAHA! Happened to me before :P except i it was a friend who decided to pull my pants down. dont think he was expecting me going commando!

  9. @UHaiman: haha have you seen it before?
    @utarboy: no matter how much eye drop you use! LOL
    @ken: wah! where got V??? i wanna see V too..
    @ibrahim: lol! you noticed he was eating the banana that Jon threw away! glad you caught that inside joke!
    @una: im so sorry una. on the bright side, can diet and save money! hahaha
    @eric: lol! and some hotdog flavored water perhaps?
    @aki: yo don't you start fantasising about daryl... LOL
    @sharkox: (sambungan)...UCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
    @ladyviral: a powerful hidden dark place this daryl has.
    @kelvin: hahaha! serious ah? don bluff la bro im sure you have seen before somewhere ;P
    @hilmi: haha forbidden area of daryl's. never set your eyes on it.
    @adam: serious? did your friend see your 'eye'? LOL

  10. There are more than one victim ernest.. Haiz.. ='(

  11. Daryl sengaja tu. Jon kan hunky. XD lolololol....

    "Better faster pick up before anybody see"... Rather ironic given the situation. More like "Better faster bend down so that Jon see"! XD

    Aiyohh... i can't stop laughing!
    Reminder to self: Don't even look at someone who is wearing just a towel.

  12. Been silently reading but this post is just way too fucked up not to comment.


  13. LOLLLL... I love how you used the all seeing eye to replace the real image.. XD

    Or... Don't tell me Daryls's b***-hole actually have that kind of power? O.O

    *so all he has to do is bend over naked and he can spy on anybody with his "eye"..

  14. errrr~ what a disturbing thought. Even among real siblings that is really horrible.

  15. OMG OMG OMG. The "eye" is definitely SCARY! I never thought of "it" as the "eye" before. And OMG, when you put the * as the supposed "shape"--I was like, OMG, you know what, that is really quite apt!!!!!! @.@

    But goodness, pity Jon! I'd need some serious counselling!!!!! >.<

  16. what with lord of the ring eye?hahaha

  17. @san: i know. i am actually his first victim many years ago.
    @sumbuddy: hahaha i literally LOLed at your quote "better faster bend down so that Jon can see"! you seriously can write comedy my friend!
    @jason: haha i finally made you comment! great success. but i agree with you. WTTTTTHHHHHHH
    @lee: cannot put real pic ma later 18sx haha. well actually his bunghole does have some sort of demonic power. i shall not speak of it.
    @nana: hahah has that happen to you before?
    @liz: if you see it in real life, it is even scarier. yep, we call that the eye. *
    @dorky: lol bcos its the ALL SEEING EYE! it knows!
    @murnie: :D lol! dont forget to breathe yeah!

  18. ok...this EPIC.i can't stop laughing..pity the man!hahahaha

  19. OMG Ernest. I AM EATING A BANANA. RIGHT NOW. RIGHT HERE. IN FRONT OF THE SCREEN.SERIOUISLY!!!!!!!!!!!! omg i'll never look at bananas the same way again. NOOOOOOOO~~~~

  20. Does Daryl's butt have eyes? Why did Jon throws the banana away? I dont get it. :-/ can you give me a little hint please?

  21. @hazwan: hahaha... HE IS THE MAN!... the naked man!
    @ivyT: LOL are you serious?!! hahahaha! omg im so sorry! but i still hope bananas will still be the same to you after this!
    @wai2kit: lol daryl la yang awesome!
    @anonymous: oh my... how do i explain this that wont scar you for life? correct me if im wrong but i must safely assume that you are a little young for this joke but no worries, you will get it soon ;)
    @sumbuddy: he'll get it soon :)

  22. zomgwtfbbq THE EYE?! I dunno if it's just so gay or so disgusting wehh eyerrrrrr.. *sits at corner and stare*

  23. 1st reaction:lolololololol
    2nd reaction (after read what you wrote to explain) WTF?? still got people who cant understand ah?

  24. @stephy: lolz! im so sorry! but where u staring at? haha
    @raznul: i was worried someone wouldnt understand so i tot an explanation was appropriate :P

  25. oh no. rewatching lotr will never be the same again. =.=

  26. you ruined LOTR for me Ernest -_____-


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