Monday, September 26, 2011

SPECIAL: The Bros Meet TheEggYolks

Good Monday morning everyone!

Before I begin with today's posting, (assuming that majority of you guys DO read what I write), the comic's Facebook page has actually reached 1000 'likes' within a year since its inception! (We have to go deeper) Yes! That is definitely a milestone achievement for this comic series! Therefore, I would like to express an infinite amount of gratitude to all my readers, new and old, friends and all animals who have been following this series! I myself have not expected to reach this amount so this is definitely a Monday morning surprise for me! Thank you all! You guys rock!

Okay, that's enough of the Daytime Emmy speech for now.

In case you don't know by now, we are still in the collab month (haven't you realised that yet??) So, yes. We are having yet another collab strip. Stop picking your nose!  This series was lucky enough to be graced by the likes of other awesome comic blogs such as Bolehland, Akiraceo and Pouleen already but I guess we could go for another couple more! Do bear with me yeah! *dodges banana skin*

This is supposed to be a long time coming as the sweet couple that we are mentioning here today tied the knot  several months ago and the bros had the opportunity to attend their buffet lunch wedding! Was supposed to tell the story of our "apparent" encounter a long time ago but only managing to tell about it now. I hope it has not gone stale. Anyway, here it is! Presenting, the cutest, sweetest couple all the way from Kuching, the Eggyolks!

With the bros, you know it's never going to turn out well.

Everyone had delivery pizza after that.
Okay I lied so we didn't exactly get to meet the couple. Sadly, we didn't make it in time to their wedding buffet lunch. But it felt like we did. Or rather that is what I would expect to happen if we did make it to the buffet.

The Eggyolks is a comic blog about their adventures around Malaysia that contains good reviews about food, travelling and random stuff! Once again, congratulations on the wedding! (I know this public over the internet wish is considered VERY late already please don't come to KL and sumpit me with a blowpipe) Best wishes to you guys!

Do check them out to get your info on at!

Have an awesome week ahead!


  1. Congrats! No. no to them. to you! For your 1K likes!! People get married EVERYDAY! But this is the only day Ernest's "Bro don't like that la Bro" get 1K likes!! ahahaha

    And I do know of the yolks. Sometimes I drop by their page too! :)

  2. uh oh, I'm 1st again! ahahaha (does this mean I have no life?)

  3. Nana have no life other than blogging aite?? :-p.. Congratz on that 1k like.. me is the only 1 who like my page.. ho ho ho.. ^_^.v..

    oh,wanna be the eggyolk.. no,wanna see the egg yolk.. argh.. I wanna eat EGGYOLK!!! ^_^.v..

  4. Congrats on ur 1000 like~ *fireworks*

  5. 1k!! that's wonderful!! Congrats! >_< By the way, I've drawn a version of you in my post XD

  6. Nice! Seems like Jon's appetite come back...and Daryl didn't do something weird...more collabs please!!

  7. Jamus, the iron chef, was on duty. I'm imagining long, mean, stare and marking words.

    "So you are the one who cook this." *drops plate and walk away*

  8. congrats on the 1k likes.. so awesome ..

  9. @nana: yeap you are the first again. sadly there is no prizes to be given away. no worries you do have a life. reading this comic series is like having a life dont you think? if not it means me drawing them makes me not having a life. haha
    thanks so much for the well wishes!
    @aki: gosh dont you make me hungry too lol
    @kelvin: thanks bro! where have you been?!! havent heard from you in awhile now
    @eggyolks: thanks!! the eggyolk version of me looks so cool haha! but im not that tall la!
    @hilmi: thank goodness for that isnt it! daryl is normal for once. dont worry i still havent collab with all the comic bloggers i know yet :D
    @sumbuddy: gordon ramsay reference? hahaah
    @murnie: thanks murnie :) appreciate it!

  10. Congrats on the 1K likes!!!! You and your bros deserves it. Or maybe more!!!
    Don't worry, I know this blog will become more renown than this. Nobody could resist a good comic.

  11. lol. more like this.

  12. congrats on the 1k likes!

    more collab this month ^_^. nice!

    But imagine the other guests if the rest of your bros were there :p.

  13. Wah...congrats for the 1000 likes and also the newly wed..

  14. (action) shake it boom boom!! dancing naked!! "1000 like"! walking the street naked with banner!! woot woot!!

  15. haha.. eating machines!
    so... when wanna collabo with kenwooi? :P

  16. @miea: thanks bro! you made it happen! :D hope it only gets better from here :)
    @sumbuddy: LOL ok a previous comic reference! damn even you're better than me at recognising running gags.
    @eric: thanks eric! the newly weds were married long time ago d la bro haha
    @ken: they all are. scary stuff i tell you! haha wait for it will have it soon!

  17. agh sorry missed out ladyviral!
    @ladyviral: thanks:) you made that happen too! yeap its collab month this month! but september gonna end soon:) will plan more collabs with the other artists.

  18. that is curry puff :D not noodles?

  19. @rascat: noooooooo.... its noodles... T_T

  20. i wish u guys can come to my wedding.....tapi..dah lepas lorrrr


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