Thursday, September 29, 2011

Daryl Has Complained

Okay. If you have been following my comic series, we know that I, being the best kind of friend in the world, has non other than single handedly dealt cruel blows to Daryl's image. Daryl has been depicted as the most depraved pervert who loves to be in his skin more than in his clothes. Example: HERE, HEREHERE and HERE. And those examples given are not even a fraction of the embarrassing stories that I have told the Internet populace about our dear bro, Daryl.

And he has complained.

Yup, you heard that right. He has complained and expressed his dissatisfaction to me numerous times already.

So, basing on the preservation of whatever is left of Daryl's dignity, shall I stop drawing embarrassing stories about him?

F*cker ditch'd me.
Within a few minutes.
Rubbing salt into the wound.
Apparently the answer is no.

Looks like we will still have naked perversion stories of Daryl after this.

Lucky b*stard.


  1. FFFFFFfffuuuuuu Daryl hahaha...

  2. LOL can show me your tetek?ahahahahha

  3. This is without doubt..EPIC PWNED!-it's daryl bro!

  4. And they didn't notice ernest?!?! I don't want to live in this world anymore...

  5. wow, you meant this actually happened in a pub? lmao


    It'll always be "Ho's over Bros!" xD wakaka Sorry Ernest! :P

  7. Yeah.. Daryl is my most faovurite character.. ha ha ha.. 2nd was Shamus the Bieber and U come third Bro.. Sori.. ha ha ha...

  8. @Hadee: i know rite... that arsehole >:(
    @UHaiman: haha damn straightforward right he?
    @una: a famous perv that is... haha
    @aujinz: he is not afraid to hide it.
    @Hilmi: daryl is always daryl. kena pwnd by him so many times d.
    @sumbuddy: yeap. i was practically invisible at that time. tak best betul.
    @anonymous: yes. yes it did. daryl disappeared for hours!
    @glo-w: ero betul lol
    @liz: yeap. thats how daryl roll. i lose to daryl again.
    @aki: apparently he is ALMOST everyone's fav character.... but why am i third T_T no fair...

  9. u r always invisible actually hahaha the star of the show will always be daryl or shamus

  10. See girl only forget friend XD
    At least he forgave you =)

  11. Well, it's better to be all that is Daryl (pervert,disgusting,etc) plain clearly as a daylight than being all that senyap-senyap. that is more dangerous. hehe.

  12. roflll Ahahahaha no doubt he's still a pervet xD

  13. so did he see any tetek after that? LOL

  14. Lol, "can show me ur tetek", he so straightforward one~

  15. <3 Daryl leh. So daring (Y)

  16. the word tetek sounds absolutely funny no matter how old you are hahahahahahahah

  17. omg the third strip. his expression. PRICELESS! haha! u're a genius! XDDD

  18. LMAOz Daryl Daryl. I can't imagine much how is it out of the comics leh. I mean I've seen pervert, but not Daryl type pervert. INTERESTING XD

  19. can show me your tetek ah erns? plz plz

  20. haha..daryl..once a pervert always a pervert as long he not rape someone..still ok laa..hahaha

  21. @ken: sei hamsap lou. we know you love tetek! LOL
    @meck: yeah im the invisible one haha.. isnt jon or jamus the star too?
    @syun: haha i think i will also be like that if got girls :P well yeah he did but later sure complain again one...
    @nana: yeap! better be an open pervert than a closet one!
    @agnes: haha once pervert always pervert. but daryl is one cool and awesome pervert!
    @eric: haha i dont know that you would have to ask him.
    @kelvin: trust me he can be more straightforward than that hahaha
    @derrick: he is super daring! he will do all kinds of things if you dare him!
    @adrian: LOL thats so true! everyone shud use the word TETEK!
    @ivyT: haha but i still feel his expression in real life is more priceless!
    @stephy: daryl type pervert is the awesome type dont you think? :P
    @dorky: bro cannot bro... cos i dont have...
    @eido: haha he not that type... he is the cheeky type!

  22. Yay for more naked Daryl comic strips!!

    ...okay that did not sound right... ._.

  23. Lucky Daryl, got femes than you ah?

  24. @ladyviral: haha yeap. but a star's a star.. what to do at least some good came out of it lol
    @lee: YES! more naked daryl strips after this!... damn you were right. it sounds wrong...
    @parkair: LOL thats right bro! im invisible only

  25. ernest was left alone.. haahaa very funny ..

  26. Hahaa..

    It's quite funny bro. LoL !!

    * can show me your "nasi lemak" ?

  27. anyone can show me tetek? just PM me ok.


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