Monday, September 12, 2011

SPECIAL: The Bros Meet Miau

Good Monday morning everyone! Here's a comic to ease our blues!

Okay, so if you have been following on the comic's Facebook page, I did mention about two days ago that we had a bros night out and there was a special guest involved? Well, today's special appearance is none other than Jian, the author of the cutest cat comic in Malaysia, Miau & Wafu Pafu!

So, we decided to cook up a collab specially for you guys!


It was a strange encounter.
Okay, so this collab was done way before I actually met Jian in person. We communicated solely online and came up with this story. (Of course this is not a true story, Jian is actually a rockin' engineer instead of a pet store cashier. It would be stupid to have a cat running a pet store.)

Still, after meeting him in person for the first time I must say he is one cool cat! With human-like feelings!

No, I do not know if he is fluffy or not.

Do check him out on for his comics!


  1. that's the cashier + mascot!
    someone's in that cat suit.. hehe.. :P

  2. WOW! i should went there to meet jian jian cat too~ awww >< i miss it :P

  3. OMG Ernest, I'm really sorry that I haven't been in your blog for so long.
    Got stucked up with works and my damn netbook broke down, I think you knew about it right? :P

    Just wanna let you know, you're blog is getting from awesome to super awesome!
    I just spent like an hour seeing all the comics that I missed.
    and I really like the One-year-anniversary one. Damn cool! LOL

    All the best in your comics, waiting for the next post! ;)

  4. hey good stuff ernest! :) found ur blog on nuffnang innit. must say, ill definitely be back!

  5. LoL.. if the meeting were just like this, and I'm being a cat,probably, I'll give the Bros Karate Chops.. ho ho ho.. ^_^.v.. Yo Bro,If I ask U for a Cartoon on Myself,how much will U charge me?? LoL..

  6. Nice one..getting weird talking cat..hope daryl won't do weird thing to it either

  7. If I see a talking cat,I would want it too^^

  8. @ken: its a cashcot! but is a cat suit able to make so many expressions? lol
    @rascat: haha we met in melaka. were you in melaka?
    @wendy: hey wendy! glad to see you back :D yeap knew about ur predicament so dont worry bout it! thanks so much! wah it took an hour to see all the comics you missed means you must have missed a whole lot! haha! i hope thursday's comic will be funny!
    @adam: hey adam! thanks for droppin by! glad you found me thru innit sometimes i think that innit is a lil rubbish in directing traffic to my site :\
    @aki: hahaha jon is hard to karate chop he is dam strong like lembu. u want a cartoon of you? drop me an email la and we see what we can work out:)
    @hazwan: yes. animal dicks. daryl's gonna kill me again haha
    @hilmi: oh god i hope not! haha daryl is too unpredictable that its scary!
    @syun: we all want a talking cat! im glad i met one which is miao :P

  9. LOL i was hoping wafu n pafu to make an appearance as well...hahaha

  10. LOL i'm not in melaka but i'm in klang area ~and have nice food too!

  11. *twitch* i have trouble seeing the direction jon and jamus pointing at. looks like pointing something to the left of us (reader). :p

    Miao is soooo cute! Sure jamus don't go chase it to give it superhug?

  12. @eric: haha they might appear in the next collab;)
    @rascat: ohhhh... nvm next time i organise gathering yuo must come k???
    @sumbuddy: its not the same giving a superhug to a talking cat haha... miao might retaliate violently

  13. OMG! Now Daryl is into ANIMAL DICKS? @.@ hahahahaha
    The cat is not weird! He's cute! xD

  14. Is he fluffy?? hehe <-- picking a fight :p

    The cat is damn cute la. I've never been to the page before. so goin for checkin now~~~ hehe

  15. Thanks for commenting in my blog..although surprised u read my old

    one question, so daryl got check out miao's dick or not? LOL

  16. Nice :D both my favourite blogger combine :)

  17. @liz: hahaha a wise reader of mine once said "I dont always want to see animal dicks. but when i do i go to the pet shop" isnt a talking cat weird? lol
    @nana: memang picking a fight la you haha! i see you're using that cartoon i drew of you as your display pic! awesome :D yeah go check him out! its the cutest thing you'll ever see EVAR!
    @eric: haha i was browsing thru your blog and find those entries very interesting so I MUST COMMENT! haha like everyone else, miao did not want to show daryl his dick
    @pris: thanks pris! more to come! i hope... haha

  18. Yup using the cartoon everywhere. My fb, my google profile, my blog~ spreading the love man, spreading the love~~ haha

    Checked him out, and backreading all his post~ Hmm I wonder how long it would take me.

  19. @nana: wah thats a lot of love to spread!! haha i think it would take you forever to read them all:)

  20. lol Daryl, always thinking about Dick...


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