Thursday, September 15, 2011

SPECIAL: Malaysia Day Comic Bloggers Unite!

Hey guys and happy Thursday everyone! Today is a special entry so there's no comic for today but the artwork is awesome!

Tomorrow is another special day in Malaysia's calendar of national holidays and because it is none other than, the super-epic-fun-time-holiday-for-no-good reason-just-because-we-hate-going-to-work MALAYSIA DAY!

Malaysia Day falls on the 16th September every year and it is the day we celebrate yet another random Malaysian holiday our PM got nothing better to do the establishment of the Malaysian Federation back in 1963! (Okay, the Internet helped me on that one)

Okay, so that is tomorrow but I'm wishing everyone a day earlier so I can kick back in my undies and play video games all day! *Thank god Daryl is out of town this weekend*

As you might have noticed, this month I've been having a lot of collaborations with many other cartoon bloggers such as Bolehland and Akiraceo but this is the biggest yet! A rather handful of comic bloggers got together and we decided to collaborate for the biggest collab (so far) of a greeting card!

Here it is, HAPPY MALAYSIA DAY from all your favourite comic bloggers!

Can you guess them all? Answer below.
Go ahead! Download and save this as a wallpaper if you must!

This has been a real fun project with the other comic artists and I must admit they are a real fun bunch! Hope we can have more collabs like this in the near future! It has been a real joy making this!

Here's the full list of the cartoonists who participated! Do check them out!

1. Bolehland
2. Sharkox
3. Theeggyolks
4. CheeChingy
5. Utarboy
6. Pauline
7. Ernest <-- THAT'S ME!
8. Kouda Mainframe
9. MissMorbids
10. Pek Chek Kia
11. SolarCrab
12. Akiraceo

We are proud to be MALAYSIAN!

See you on Monday and have a great weekend!


  1. hohoho.. Nice One Bro!! Warghh,i wonder how much time you have with your artwork!! I Like this,and I've downloaded it.. Thanks again btw!! ^_^.v..

  2. so i pauline taller than you? i dont think so lah.. :P

  3. cool! XD put this into my desktop :D

  4. Haa this is cute. And I saw two Daryls! Selamat Hari Malaysia ^^

  5. @aki: haha a lot of time was spent! i think jian spent the most time editing cos he did the grass and the sky! you welcome bro!
    @ken: thats the same thing i been asking myself! she makes me feel so shawt!
    @rascat: yay! thanks zouzou! next round alien must join too!
    @anonymous: thanks so much! two daryls? where?

  6. in retrospect i think pauline is the shortest hahaha

  7. Oh nice! And a list of Malaysian comic artists!! Yay :D thanks for the share. brilliant idea to collab guys!

  8. daryl...i see what you did there.. @_@

  9. ahahahah~ so nice!! hmmm more comic blogs to visit!! hehe

  10. Aiyoh, so awesome leh. I want to make comic blog too but my life is so boring that it would be a lame one. T.T

    And you have just caused me to have to allocate more of my office hour to read all the comic blog. must... resist... temptation... :X

  11. hmm Aki's is right..your artwork are too awesome..:)

  12. @cheechingy: w00tz! hai fai!
    @dan: yes i would think so too! eh? you met her before meh?
    @adam: thanks adam! yeap feel free to browse their stuff! epic time killer if you as k me XD
    @hazwan: hahah.. yes you did. i wonder if anyone else notices?
    @nana: yeap! now you have more reason to spend more time on the internet! muahahaah
    @sumbuddy: make one only bro. i doubt ones life can be that boring! or you make up some stories la! you cant resist it! read.... it.... noww...
    @pekchek: haha memang swweet!!
    @pink diva: hello! came here from aki's? that guy is so cool haha! thanks but i believe there are more awesome artworks out there. mine biasa only :)

  13. why im not invited? T_T wuuuuwuuuuu

  14. love the bit with Daryl gettin' naked there.
    Happy holidays

  15. Woaahhh... Got so many comic blogs to read now. *goes into overload mode..

  16. awesome...i knew 6 of their blogs...hahaha

  17. @dorky guy: dont worry bro! the next round we will call more people! haha
    @discobala: thanks! glad you noticed that lol! happy holidays to you too!
    @lee: overload but dont explode can liao! hahaha
    @shamus: no choice bro the artwork overcrowded no space d
    @eric: thanks bro! ohhh... which 6? mind telling? :P

  18. Dude, I enjoy seeing your cartoons :D Super cool and super cute at the same time hahaa.

    Happy Malaysia Day to you, dude.

  19. Ah, sorry. I thought Jon(in front with Miao's hamster, I can remember which one is Pafu, who is Wafu T_T) was Daryl.. they look almost the same XD

  20. I first came upon akiraceo, then eggyolk...after that and kouda..then finally bila la i boleh join u all...haha

  21. yay! will draw next time !! >U<

  22. @armstrong: thanks bro! happy malaysia day to you too!
    @anonymous: haha oh gosh why is everyone confused between jon and daryl lol.. simple to recognise jon, his eyes are always white
    @mr lonely: lol yeah! of course!
    @eric: wah so you found mine so late ah lol...i guess cos im still relatively unknown in the internet... sadz... when we have a next mega project we will try to involve more comic bloggers:)
    @rascat: haha ya zouzou you must join next time yea!


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