Thursday, October 20, 2011

Foot Massage

Okay. I admit. turns out that I almost forgot that today is already Thursday hence I overslept thinking I got a relaxing day ahead but then I looked at the clock and realised holy shit its Thursday.

C'mon Friday. you can do it!

So, anyways, Jasmine (yes, apparently some of you don't notice this character much. She lives in the same house as the bros and is the owner of her poor dog, Mocha. She remains hidden most of the time because she doesn't to get involved with the bros too much) came home one day after a day long of walking non-stop and was suffering from chronic foot-ache.

And it's Daryl to the rescue!

Bitch slapp'd!
No one can ever match Daryl's knack of seizing opportunities when it presents itself.

We all should be like Daryl. He the man.
But that is still not gonna stop him from coming after me later.

F*** why do I keep doing this to myself.


  1. haha. crazy daryl, always taking every chance for something ridiculous XD

  2. ahahahah~ I really have to give a standing ovation to Jasmine for being able to stand living with you guys~ lols

  3. LoL.. Daryl is the best!! Yeah ha ha ha..

  4. tsk tsk...Jasmine should know Daryl better lolol

  5. aicho.......daryl...daryl.....ambil kesempatan eh when jasmine is in a syok mood.....

    poor daryl got free penampar from her....hahaha...

    what happen after that incident....

  6. hahahahaha....daryl FTW!!!!kalah stifler family...

  7. @pekzah: haha no la... he is actually a good boy.. serious!
    @sweetheart: that's why he is the most daring and courageous!
    @nana: yes. we all should. she can take it. every. single. day!
    @aki: LOL yeah! he is the best bro!
    @eggyolks: dont la say like that... its a good effort you know haha
    @anonymous: when you have foot ache, sometimes your judgement will be clouded
    @galisin88: free penampar! haha! well, jasmine just go back her room and nursed her own feet after that.
    @murnie: haha sneaky him... he is most sneaky!
    @hazwan: YEAH! daryl FTW!
    @kingsyahmi: all guys are... lol... daryl only makes it obvious :P

  8. he just try to do something we dare not do...:D

  9. Hahaha.. I see Daryl in the comic only haven't finish reading i know nothing good already..

  10. @ernest

    all guys are indeed pervert...but daryl is just being honest

  11. tsk tsk tsk.... daryl... daryl...

  12. honestly perverted... is that a good or bad character?

  13. She should get a bigger dog lol~

  14. He really thinking of doing that??? Oh my! But indeed all guys are really pervert. xP

  15. daryl is like a more hamsap version of Sanji fro one piece fact u guys are like a crew! nakama? ^^

  16. @邁爾斯 阿波羅: haha ya! no one i know is as daring as daryl!
    @lala: wahh such bad impression on him meh! see him already know something no good d haha
    @kingsyahmi: daryl is awesomely daring!
    @eesoon: lol dont tsk him la... he is curious maaa
    @sumbuddy: i'd say GOOD!
    @eric: haha will make more daryl comic then!
    @kelvin: LOL nice one! bigger dog to protect herself no? haha but big dog not allowed in the house le
    @diana: daryl dont think. he just do! haha
    @cliche: and he will be a very successful person cos of that lol
    @glow: you read one piece too?!! awesome! i never thought of it that way! haha yeah so i guess he is sanji but he is not a cook. yeap we are nakama! the house is the ship!

  17. Hahaha.. Cos all ur comic on him either censored or got the humsup face de but i like.. Haha! More daryl pls..

  18. hail darylv!! *both hand up to the air

  19. @ken: haha TOO SLOWWWW!!! *pap*
    @parkair: baik hati pasal offer foot massage ker? hahaha...itu muslihat bro
    @lala: wow... i might have been successful in capturing daryl's humsup face into cartoon! haha
    @lee: lol dota reference?
    @eido: YES for he is the awesome!
    @lynn: oh my! a jasmine supporter! yay! she will be so happy!

  20. That's "seizing opportunity" all right! Hebat la Si Daryl nie! xD

    1. Liz. I also can give you a good foot massage. Like Daryl.


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