Monday, October 24, 2011

Cooking Rice

I just had the best shit ever this morning!

Okay, that was totally inappropriate. Especially on a Monday morning. But hey, at least you know something good happened to me. Having a good shit is important! *But why?* It's a guy thing. Don't believe me? Ask Jon. He is the pro in matters of the male bowel system.

And ALL OF THAT............ has nothing to do with today's comic.

Recently, we had to cook our own dinner as Jamus was not around. I admit the rest of us are hopeless in the kitchen (except Shamus but that guy is too goddamned lazy to do any cooking much less anything else). So I had a slight kitchen adventure with Jon and here is how we cook rice!

Jon, le' sous-chef
It was actually more like rice drowned in litres of hot water.

We ate it up anyway. Daryl thought we were having Justin Bubur.

Jamus, please come back soon.


  1. Haha bro, the sentence "I just had the best shit ever this morning!" means something else to me. Like, "I had chicken for dinner". :P

    And, just in case, you need to cook rice again. The water should be at least (or around) 1.3cm deep from the rice. Measure it by putting your finger vertical to the rice. XD

    What a waste, a good cook [is Shamus one?] is too lazy to cook =.=

    Happy Monday!!

  2. If you put 3 cup of rice..the water should be 4 cup..that's what my teacher always told us during my school days..but i prefer using my finger to measure it..

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THIS so reminds me of my uni days! awesome stuff!

  4. next time call mommy for advice. :) anyways this is a real cheer up =D TQ

  5. i dont even know how much water to put.. :S

  6. In case u still don't know, basically, the water is twice the height of rice. Not each single one rice tau! the height of whatever amount of rice you put in.

    That aside, why don't you guys beg, or coax or bribe Shamus to cook instead? ahahha~

  7. The water level should be 1 finger segment higher than your rice level. Depends on the type of rice, but that's the general rule.

    Jon must be the intuitive thinking type, sukati sukati je....

  8. Maybe Jon wanted to eat porridge but don't want to tell? LOL

    Is that all that you guys ate? Any stories on the dishes?

  9. I always use rice cup to measure the water coz I think it's very confusing n not accurate to use finger.
    1 cup of rice - 2 cups of water
    I always reduce the amount of water coz I dont like the rice to be soft and sticky.

  10. Ha ha ha ha.. walaoweh... eat porridge all the day!! ha ha ha.. wey,come to si Aki's house,then si Aki will cook for the Bros without your best cook!! :-p

  11. The best thing i ever done cooking with my whatever shit I want..put it inside a bowl...add some random maggie mee seasoning leftovers..let it boil until the soup comes out and hit the floor which we proudly announce that's our timer...and eat away

  12. lol...

    always happen to me even when i put exact amount of water. Beras murah maa

  13. happy monday~~
    poor u guys had to cook on ur own ..
    better luck next time

  14. Lol.. Lost for words.. Next time ask Jamus to teach before he leaves..

  15. Jon, u should jst grab anyone to ASK.

  16. @fina: haha yeah... we ate rice and water... sedapppp T_T
    @anonymous: i dont understand your first sentence but it is kinda disturbing. did yuo just relate shit to chicken? lol! thanks for the measurement. will use a ruler next time! shamus? he dont get up to do jack shit. that slacker. haha
    @pekzah: i suck at the finger thing. i cant estimate due to "pembiasan cahaya" *sains sekolah menengah dont play play*
    @brocade: haha how crazy? this situation is pretty mild.. have you seen the other strips? there are crazier stories there.
    @tehtarik: so i assume you experienced this same situation as well haha
    @traveller: glad it made your day! i was worried this story was not funny enough. call mummy? tak macho la bro! haha
    @ken: yeah! high five!
    @nana: beg shamus???? NEVER!!!
    @eggyolks: tak sedap eat raw le.... can eat raw meh? dont bluff la haha
    @sumbuddy: why is everyone using the finger rule?? i dont understand that rule!!! *noob chef* jon mmg kaki sukati one...
    @shirley: lol thats interesting! it could be true! but jon dont know how to make porridge either. the dishes we simply tapao from outside so no drama on that. i couldnt imagine the damage to the kitchen if we tried to cook dishes without jamus's supervision.
    @una: that is a very good reference! *saves it on phone* thanks!
    @aki: you can cook??!!! lets have a cook off with jamus! master chef!
    @eric: how are you still alive?! that sounds like recipe for diarrhea!! lol
    @sharkox: bro jgn bazir beras bro... i tau you kaya.. haha jk
    @邁爾斯 阿波羅: haha always remember step 6!
    @murnie: happy monday to you too! yeap. i hope jamus come back soon. or we will all starve!
    @lala: well, we forgot to ask. hence this situation lol
    @adeline: jon? he rather bantai first and see what happens. thats his style haha

  17. you don't have to worry about pembiasan cahaya. If you felt like the tip of your finger already touch the rice level, and you see that the water already on the first mark of your finger, can already. Only certain rice need to adjust, but that can be learnt through experience.

  18. i think hor...easier if u go outside and bungkus nasi putih :P

  19. when i was in primary 6.....i was asked to cook ended in a disaster similar to urs (although it becomes a semi-solid paste)....kinda learned a hard way and hands-on.....

    practice makes perfect....alah bisa tegal biasa....hehehe :)

  20. Too bad im not there.. Else i can offer to cook.. Hahaha..

  21. hahaha I'm sorry if my comment disturbed you. Nvm that :P just forget it.. forget it please.. XD

    LOL it's just an approximation. That's how I cook rice XD I just use intuition :P

    Anyway, are you using wacom tablet? How do you draw the shines on the character's hair? I love drawing too but my digital art sux :(

    Anon 24/10/2011 [9.54PM]

  22. Use your finger wei, make sure no nose picking before measure the rice ok!

  23. @sumbuddy: i dont think i will ever get that. somehow my brain doesnt compute on how to do that. but thanks for the tip!
    @alvin: LOL! yalor... that would be the best thing to do!
    @galisin88: yay! sama geng! mine liquid yours solid! haha.. oh well i guess we have to keep practicing on cooking rice
    @lala: haha! that would be so awesome! jamus would be jealous
    @blackcurrant: LOL! its ok.. randomness is good! nope. contrary to popular belief i dont use a tablet. i draw using mouse 100% entirely. i manually draw the shines on the hair using mouse as well :)
    @parkair: LOL! nanti ada perisa peanut butter!

  24. WAH!!! then your mouse skills very awesome wei...

  25. walaweyy.. hahahahha..nowaday we can even cook Nasi Lemak by following instructions from Chef Google.. nyiahahaha

  26. Ahaha. Next time, pretend that was exactly what you wanted to cook! And act insulted if anyone says otherwise! xD

  27. hmmm~ cook rice ah~ my rule if want eat porridge water should be more half the pot~if not the water level will be a bit 1 to 2 inch above the rice~


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