Thursday, October 27, 2011

Traffic Light Bet

This is a scheduled posting.

If you are reading this, I am currently unavailable from the Internet world as I am up north being up to no good. (No, NOT heaven north. Directional north. Goddamit, you guys.)


Ever had that weird encounter when you are in traffic and just waiting with nothing to do? I had one with Daryl and Shamus some time ago and Daryl made full use of the situation during that "short" waiting period.

Here's what happened.

That fat guy looks so familiar!
Seriously, why do people do that?! Why eat them boogers? Are they really that delicious?!

There could only be one explanation for that.



Sorry Daryl.

Will never happen again.

Have a great weekend guys! I hope I'm having fun wherever I am.


  1. If picking nose, its normal. I saw many ppl do so in public. But eat it in public!!!!! Oh my!

  2. hahahaahhahaha!!! lol i was holding my laugh in front the computer LOL! funny wei!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Do people actually do that? Glad I never saw that~ damn disgusting la~

  5. hahaha nice bet..this reminds me of blogging another post which I had forgotten

  6. so gross!! yucks .. the booger eater looks like a pervert too .. creepy ..

  7. Eeeewwwww.. For daryl.. It takes one to know one.. Eric i wait for your post. Lol..

  8. awwwww.. that justtt.........awwwwwwww... shait...

  9. Oh, this is really disturbing X_X they are adults!!! adult already please don't do something so disgusting! Eat something decent!!! ewwwww X_X

  10. he should keep "the thing" and eat at home...(Ooi!!

  11. I really like the last frame...daryl defending his 'ad' space...

  12. wohoo go daryl!how much did you lost in the bet ernest?

  13. wut...taste like ikan masin..oh wai how do i noe LOL

  14. Eww, dude! Wakakaa. That's disgusting tahap dewa LOL.

  15. Ahahaha!!! I've been away from the blogging world for some time and I MUST tell you Ernest, I HAVE MISSED YOUR COMICS! xD

    I'm so glad to be back, reading this, at this time! Made me LOL! :P

    Have a safe trip and come back soon! :)
    (Maybe do a comic on any up-to-no-good adventure you had "up north" :D)

  16. o.0" I play that game too but lucky never seen anyone actually eating it. My car would stink of puke >_<"

  17. right. the internet predator now is a gold digger that eats his own gold.

    Now I'm sure he's a sociopath.

  18. hey!! no deepavali wallpaper?? racist!

  19. Why sounds like alot ppl will do that, izzit?
    why arh? hahaahhahahaa....
    although when i was kid i oso do that b4!

  20. Ah recycle for greener earth right?

  21. gosh so many to reply here! i will do my best! this is why i hate being away!
    @diana diane: yup. i dont know how daryl can foresee it happening.. he must be a mind reader.
    @greenie: lol thanks! i hope you didnt burst out and had everyone staring at you in a weird way XD
    @sharkox: lol best kan? terkejut i!
    @nana: yup. apparently people ACTUALLY do that. it must be peanut butter.
    @eric: what post is that? got link?
    @murnie: haha! he IS a pervert! check out the link in the caption! he has appeared in this comic before!
    @lala" lol! you got the underlying message here. i dont know if daryl is gonna kill me now or not haha
    @ken: haha didnt see that coming did you? ;)
    @fina: garang pasal kena defend his 'right' to say that line lol
    @aujinz: haha i feel the same way too bro!
    @blackcurrant: lol, i guess ppl just do whatever they like... cant control them, we can only look away!
    @邁爾斯 阿波羅: keep first then eat at home? later not fresh liao :P
    @anonymous: haha! glad you like it!
    @aki: lol thanks bro! memang DAMN!
    @hilmi: well, just rm50 only.. daryl made 50 each from me and shamus. untung him.
    @eido: hmmm... eido.... you is making me suspicious XD
    @armstrong: haha tahap dewa indeed! pengotor nak mampus!
    @liz: hey liz! welcome back! glad the comic still makes you LOLs! no stories up north sadly:( was just typical trip for food.
    @glo-w: hahaha! that disgusting until will puke ah? lol!
    @sumbuddy: and that aint the last of him. he will appear more in the near future. sociopath on the loose!
    @josh: haha! geli rite?
    @keerena: im so sorry:( i didnt manage to make one in time before my trip and i admit its my fault. im so sorry. i apologised in the next posting for my mistake. THATS WHY! why people do it??!!! it must be peanut butter. 'nuff said!
    @parkair: hahah! recycle baik untuk environment maaa! hahaha

  22. haha... i've not seen someone do it yet.. it was funny....
    and daryl... haha akibat copying.... :P


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