Monday, October 3, 2011

SPECIAL: The Bros Meet Utarboy

Happy Monday everybody!

And hey we are already in the beginning of October and we have one final collaboration with another webcomic artist! Yes. Turns out collab month seeped into the next month already. This will be (maybe) the last collab that I will have till the end of the year so I hope you have enjoyed all the collabs done so far! If you guys have yet to view the other collabs don't worry as I have provided instant links after today's comic below!

Recently we decided to pay, Edison of Utarboy comics a visit and this was how our encounter turned out.

As usual, nothing normal ever happens when the bros are around.

It was an uncomfortable evening for Edison after that.
Moral of the story: Don't dye your hair green.

Utarboy is a drama filled comic about a student in green hair searching for love. Ah, university days.. we've all been through that haven't we? A slight emo filled comic series that is suitable for all lonely hearts out there!

Do check him out at!

And that's it! "Bro, don't like that la, bro"s special collab project series with various other webcomic artists have officially (most probably) come to an end for the year 2011! Let's hope for more collabs from other webcomic artists next year in the near future!

View the other collabs here: Bolehland, Akiraceo, Pauline, Eggyolks

Special thanks to Dan, Wai Kit, Jian, Pouleen, the Eggyolks couple and Edison for making this happen! You guys are the awesome!

Have a great day everybody!


  1. XD WOW! that's awesome you meet utarboy :P I like something like *a ghost?*

  2. why jon suddenly become so father-like. lol. "Why your hair green? Teacher never scold ah?"

    no wonder he become like a ghost, bombarded with so many strange questions. XD

  3. hahah.. ghost and green hair.. lol..
    somehow the character doesn't blend well with your ever-colorful comic.. perhaps you could help him color-up! ;)

  4. happy monday to u too ..
    that utarboy seems cute .. hehe ..
    the bros, like the usual .. haha ..

  5. hahah..kesian utarboy u mereka tanya soalan merepek

  6. LoL.. the only words Jamus says in this series is NO!!!.. ha ha ha.. deng..

  7. Anywhere you guys go always makes havoc!nice...

  8. Yup, Utar boy is definitely a bit emo-ish. But I like emo. hahaha. plus he seems cute :p btw bro, u still owe me a dinner XP

  9. @rascat: haha no colour become ghost lor... only his hair got color..
    @sumbuddy: i think its more busybody rather than father like. jon like to cari pasal. haha
    @ken: lol maybe i shud help him color up! *sounds a lil gayish le*
    @murnie: yeah! check his comic out! emo and cute at the same time;) the bros, sigh... memang the usual
    @sharkox: haha agree... slalu jer nak merepek dgn org...
    @aki: LOL glad you caught that underlying joke today! was hoping someone would say that!
    @syun: haha thanks.. did you expect that to happen?
    @hilmi: i know rite... tak pernah nak behave diorg ni...
    @nana: emo + cute works for you eh? lol! yeah i know! will buzz you soon ya


  11. this is redirected to shamus, there is not much chicks in utar. HA HA if you want ducks then maybe its considerable xD jkjk hoped ya'll enjoyed your visit in utar :)

  12. daryl back to himself..hunt for the d**k..haha..mayb becoz after got chicks last week

  13. ahhh university days...yeap..upon entering any uni sure will check out the chicks first...hahaha

  14. @ivyT: haha jamus and his no.. i wonder if people realise he did this as well in the pet shop strip with miao
    @kelvin: i have no idea... its still a mystery
    @parkair: yeps! do check utarboy out!
    @adrian: haha thanks adrian.. i hope shamus reads that comment. if not he'll be puzzled till now why utar no chicks
    @eido: LOL he hunting for everything!
    @eric: yeah! that is a usual thing for guys!


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