Monday, November 7, 2011

CONTEST: Nuffnang Blog Awards, Here I Come!

Good morning everyone!

I sense that today there isn't any Monday blues going around because its a public holiday today in Malaysia! Awww yeahh! Wishing all my Muslim readers Selamat Hari Raya Haji!

So, I'm sure that most of you are still in bed relishing the day like nobody's business and I wish I could too but I promised in my previous post that there will be a comic for today so here I am. Me and my damned mouth.

Unless you are a hardcore comic reader or not from Malaysia and happen to be slacking off in the office or at school and swallowing the Monday blue pill on routine, I guess this comic justifies its presence today.

Today's post is a little different as this will be my first Nuffnang related post and it is a competition where I am trying to win some invites. Damn you peer pressure! Don't worry though, it's still has the brosome factor in it!

If you have been following the Nuffnang news on their site, you will notice that the time has come once again for the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards for 2011! (also that I am the featured blogger of the month of November *cough* self promo *cough*) 

This thingy. If you don't see it I may have mistakenly placed a picture of an invisible pink unicorn instead.

I saw awesome pictures of what happened in the awards of previous years and it influenced me to want to win those invites as I have never been to any award show before so this is my small chance to actually try to get my ass at one!

Well, also that Jian from told me he will be writing a post to win the invites as well (you can read his entry HERE) made me jelly and it challenged me to try to win those invites so I don't feel left out later. Damn Jian for making me succumb to peer pressure!

Here is my entry on it. Better yet, its a 9 framer! Enjoy!

The result of having an ideas balance of zero at my local creativity bank.

Okay, I know my top three reasons are all the same and it might reduce my chances to win those invites but c'mon, do I REALLY need any other reasons for a guy like me?

Yes. I'm a sad desperate f***.

So, on 16 December 2011, 500 bloggers from around the Asia-Pacific region will flock to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 (brought to you by Volkswagen Malaysia and Putrajaya Marriott) in Putrajaya Marriott. The Awards aims to not only honour the region's best bloggers, but also to bring together blogger communities from all across Asia-Pacific!

Want in on it? Head onto HERE NOW and join in the fun!

Okay Daryl, I will take a look at that magazine now.


  1. Lol,Daryl xhbis2 tetek,haha,btw gudluck bro,your reason surely can win la,chicks maaa!!haha

  2. Morning Ernest! Hope to meet you there! Imma join as well. post on the way! :D

  3. hahahahaahahahahaha i crack on the censored tetek part.damn funny XD

    and i see me hiding behind there.. trying not to know you XD

  4. Hahaha.. Hopefully you get to the invitation and get to meet some hot, pretty and sexy chicks!

  5. haha,all the bros think alike!But yes,that is an unique answer.Good luck ya!=)

  6. hamagad LOLZ.

    Although I have to admit, Daryl's reason was the most creative of them all. XD

  7. now ill be looking forward to the entry about the nuffnang awards show! good luck :D

  8. haha!!! lwk la...oh...good luck 4 u!!!!

  9. Waaaa. All the best to you! :P hehe

  10. im sure the pass is within your grasp already :P

  11. LOL! Funny weh. haha. Especially Daryl :P

  12. All the best to you!

    For sure there's tons of chicks there! ;)


  13. hahahah I hope you get the chicks man! oops I mean the invites =P

  14. LOL...go that award may be can see some "half-tetek" like some photos i seen during the last awards.. XD

    but then, i nominated ur blog, who knows can become finalist n no need blog to win invites.. XD

  15. @UHaiman: actually all guys tak habis habis with tetek. my reason only one le.. dono nuffnang will give me chance or not lol
    @stephy: awesome! email me your link so I can check it out yeah! hope to see you there as well dont forget to say high or smack me in the back.
    @jian: LOL you mean on the notepad? i wrote tetek first then crossed it out and replaced with chicks. yeah. you better dont do that if we manage to get ourselves to the event. must intro me to people k
    @diana: LOL i hope so too! *twinkling eyes*
    @syun: yeah. apparently we all do. that could spell trouble everywhere haha thanks!
    @kyoru: srsly? lol! cos he said tetek instead of chicks maa
    @adam: assuming that i will be able to qualify myself there with this entry lol but thanks for your confidence in me :P
    @taib: thanks bro! haha
    @Liz: thanks liz! i hope i can win those invites :3
    @邁爾斯 阿波羅: chicks! i do it for the chicks!
    @eggyolks: haha not you too! later ur laopo pull ur ear. lol!
    @ken: wah serious boh? this entry i feel like i didnt give a proper top3 reasons also lol
    @miyen: haha! that is why he is awesome! everyone LOVES daryl!
    @meitzeu: thanks meitzeu! :D i hope so too judging by their previous awards mya photos
    @jeffro: lol i hope I GET BOTH!! hurrah!

  16. @eric: wah half tetek very tempting to grab le. lucky i know how to control better than daryl :P you nominated me? omg.. so touched! thanks so much bro! hope get to be finalist then!!! you deserve an epic high five!

  17. alaaaa!! U and Jian joining? My chances will be cut la like this! ahahahah~ I hope will be able to be there with u guys. Crossing my fingers, hands legs, and whatever that can be cross that I'll get the invite. ahahah~

    oh yeah, all the best for you too!

  18. Chicks FTW! U will get to go im sure.. I'm rooting for you.. Go Ernest Go! Daryl and his tetek.. -_-|| Can die bugger..

  19. rooting for you.... and half of other comic blogger out there. lmao. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. sangaat ikhlas haha bagus2 jujur :D

  21. It'd be really problematic if guys attend events like this NOT because of the chicks. Haha hope to see you, that is if I get invited lah. :/

  22. haha again well done on taking a comic way of doing this post! all the best!

  23. PFFFT! *vomit blood* lols...I hope the girl to guy ratio will be balanced if not you'll be seeing guys only >_<" I'm entering too inspiration >_<" Maybe a vlog....

  24. Ha ha ha.. For sure,the pass is in your hand already la Bro.. no worry.. ;-p

  25. LOL. Later no females at the event~

  26. haha..nice reason...chicks killing spree..
    later got invite..dont forget picha bro..huhu

  27. @nana: dont like that la nana... sure got chance one! hope to see u there kay?! leave the trex at home!
    @lala: haha can die bugger! daryl FTW la. thanks lala for the support!
    @murnie: thanks murnie:D
    @sumbuddy: whoah! thanks for the support bro! u the man!
    @amran: mesti ikhlas bro! tapi i terlalu jujur kot nanti sumer awek lari :(
    @vin tsen: haha i know rite?? hope to see u there too bro!
    @teh tarik: i guess putting it in comic is the only way i know how lol
    @glow: cant wait to see your entry!! hope to see you there!
    @aki: wah confident la u bro haha... ok i daydream its in my hand for now
    @kelvin: bro, dont say like that la bro... i got so much hope for this event lol
    @eido: haha i will try get picha! hope the chicks let me take their picha!

  28. I have an idea for why i wanna attend.. U wanna go becos of chicks.. I wanna go becos im a chick.. Hahaha..


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