Thursday, November 3, 2011

This Post Is Dedicated To You!

YOU! Yes, you! The one slacking off at work/ in class/ at home and reading this right now!

Before I continue, sorry for the delay in today's posting. I got stuck in meeting. Now I'm back to business. I'll let you know first that there is no comic today but I would like to take this opportunity to ramble on things you might not care about say something. Bear with me it might be a bit wordy.

This will be the first post for November and it is rather special to me because so many good things has happened so early in this month which I have not seen it coming ever since I began drawing comics online in September last year. Not to mention that November is also my birthday month so I would guess all these gifts are the best gifts I've received so far. Coincidental as it might be, I am very touched and deeply grateful.

First off, if you have been updated by the comic's official Facebook page, (Yes. That is where I post all my latest updates of the ongoings related to the bros and the comics, so click 'LIKE' if you haven't now!) you may have noticed that lately the comic series has received acknowledgements from two big players in the media industry.

A week before November, I received a call from Thara of Nuffnang, informing me that I will be November's featured blogger of the month. It was something that I had never expected to have from the very first day I signed up with Nuffnang. I remembered scrolling down their website and seeing that they have a column on the bottom left and featuring bloggers every month. I told myself at that time, "Fat hopes you Chinese geek boy you will never get to be featured in Nuffnang! Muahahaha!" The mouth of my subconscious mind is very cruel to me sometimes.

Nevertheless, after a year and a month, I was actually announced the featured blogger of the month!

Who's laughing now you stupid subconscious mind?! You f***!
I curse to myself a lot.

Anyways, I hope you are not straining your eyes to read the text in that image so here's the link to the full article in case you haven't read it yet. 

I extend my deepest thanks to Nuffnang for having me and giving me something which was beyond my expectations.

Then, within the next two days, my comic (alongside several others) was featured in the Star Newspaper's RAGE column as a cover story. For those outside Malaysia who aren't able to get themselves a copy more less get to read the article, here is the full scanned version. I hope you don't have to strain your eyes though.

Yes. That ugly guy in purple is me. Pouleen is so young. Wai Kit doesn't wear yeollow. And Jian is not actually a cat. That fact alone disappoints me.

Still too small to see the text? Here's a link to the online version.

Special thanks to Jason from for doing this write up of us and also to the editors and the guys at the Star! I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to be featured in the newspaper. At least now I finally get to be in the newspaper for all the right reasons.

Also, I never mentioned it anywhere but I have also reached the milestone of my 100th comic strip and I hadn't realised it up till now. It's about 105+ strips already actually and I was so engrossed in churning out strips week after week that I was entirely oblivious to this. Another milestone achieved earlier was also the 1,000th like on the comic's Facebook page. All of these that were beyond what I had expected the moment I decided to begin drawing comics on the Internet.

So much, in such a short time and I do really hope I will be able to keep this momentum. But what I am trying to say here is that, all of these could not have come to be if it weren't for you, the person reading this right now. Your continuous and undying support has been the fuel for me to keep going with this series and I admit there were really tough times where I just wanted to toss my computer out the 15th floor window and give up entirely but all the likes, the comments, the responses, the shares, the reviews, the etc. that you guys pour out thus far has ensured that I do not lose my sanity to my comics. I know this is a little cliche and you may have heard it a million times but it still does not deny the fact that I could not have done it without every single one of you. Friends, families, enemies and all.

I am touched by all your kind words and encouragement and I will continuously do my best to pour out the best quality content for your cognitive pleasure as long as I do not suffer a burn out which I honestly do hope of not having.

I do not know how to show my gratitude in a justifiable manner and thanking each and everyone of you name by name will take ages as the list will go on and on.

Therefore, I shall do it in the only way I know how. Remember, this is dedicated to you.

May the series only get bigger and better from here! Thank you my dear bros for always letting me get away with it.

Thank you for your time if you did read it all the way from the beginning. Even if you didn't that's still okay because your presence here means so much to me.

Thank you all once again! I shall go wipe my tears now.

Have a great weekend guys!

*Comic resumes as usual on Monday*


  1. congrats........keep on drawing and keep it going....comic blogs like u and the other comic bloggers has never failed to amuse me (and others as well)with life antics.....

    my support for comic bloggers is assured.....hahaha (nah, 2 packs of tisu Premier for you to cry)

    warm regards and congrats from ur fan from Sabah:)

  2. is that really u in that purple shirt?
    so much like ur comic character eh?

  3. Woot! congrats!~ Woot, Malaysian cartoonist!!!*pops champagne* Psst, actually what you saw was Jian's human costume. At least, that's what he told me lols...

  4. Hey,this should be celebrated!! Ho ho ho..

  5. 1. Eh, how did you know i am guilty of slacking off at work now? (:
    2. how did you know i strained my eyes to read the nuffnang post? Bwhahahahah

    Thank you to too you for sacrificing lots of your time burning the oil to keep us entertained. You are in the celebrity level dy.

    p/s: just out of curiousity, did your bros make you spend them big time for your achievements? Sharing is caring

  6. Wah....... Kembang la you. we also kembang ah.....

  7. u the one only that dress like ur cartoon..semangat..haha
    btw congratz

  8. i was actually screaming when i see nuffnang's november featured blogger
    finally u got chosen!!

  9. Bro, you've got yourself a new bro here. Imma make sure I'll be here for every single post you make!

  10. grats ernest! this is great!

  11. OMG, Ernest! Such awesome news! I can't help feeling happy for you! Kept smiling when reading this post (and yes, I read from beginning to the end :P)!!!

    Congrats! :D

    You can thank us by continuing to draw more awesome and funny comics for us to read to chase away the Monday (and Thursday?) blues! :DDDDDD

  12. You're very welcome ^^ your comics are good! Sometimes too crazy my jaw dropped. Sometimes too ridiculous and funny. haha!

    Anyway, congratulations bro!

    Btw, did you purposely wear purple shirt to the interview? XD

  13. A very big congratulations to brodontlikethatbro!

    I truly enjoy reading your comics.. All the best and all of us will keep supporting you all the way!!! ;)

  14. LMAO! Congratulations! Damn, you're so popular now. So jealous. XD

    Hopefully this will drive you to do the best for your readers! You da man, bro!

  15. I'm so proud to personally know you~ ahaha

  16. Wow you're so fehmes now. Proud of you guys!

  17. This is soooooo cool.. I'm so happy for you! Keep up the good work. Go bros go!

  18. gosh so many comments here! ill do my best to reply all!
    @wendy: thanks wendy:) so glad to know that you were one of my earliest readers out there!
    @alvin: thanks bro for all your support!
    @galisin88: *sniff* thanks bro im so terharu.. but two packs of tissue not enough la lol
    @una: yep thats me! i hope you are not too disappointed lol wanted to look like my cartoon! thanks so much! very glad to have you as one of my earliest readers as well:)
    @UHaiman: thanks bro! you made it happen!
    @glo-w: omg... so he was in a human costume the whole time?!! that explains everything!!
    @shamus: bro dont cry bro.. later i cry too
    @aki: haha it should! hopefully soon!
    @day-dreamer: thanks so much!
    @shirley: lol i know a lot ppl slack off at work to read my comics :P no la not celebrity. just a guy drawing cartoons for people's amusement:) dont have to spend them as they enjoy the attention already haha
    @VELARian: lol kembang so much bro! but luckily tak meletup haha
    @eesoon: thanks eesoon! glad to have support from you!
    @eido: haha yalo. i also dono y so semangat that day
    @khuzrin: thanks bro! you made it happen!
    @CZ: wow you screamed? that makes it so much better :P thanks so much yeah! :)
    @邁爾斯 阿波羅: thanks thanks!
    @vin tsen: wah really? thanks bro! when wanna collab just drop me an email k? haha
    @juni3: lol thanks so much yea for the support!
    @liz: thanks liz! glad to have a supporter like you! always saying kind words:) thanks so much! will always do my best to make you laugh!
    @anonymous: wah until jaw drop ah? sure anot? haha yep i purposely wore purple to look like my character :P
    @anonymous: thanks so much! altho i dont know who you are exactly cos u put urself as anonymous but having you here already means so much to me! as well to the other 'anonymous'es out there:)
    @sumbuddy: no la no popular la.. lol just enjoy making people laugh i guess? thanks bro! glad to have you as one of my most hardcore supporters!
    @misscha: thanks so much! will continuously make more! :)
    @nana: haha and im glad to personally know you too!
    @parkair: hopefully can keep this momentum! thanks so much bro! means a lot to me!
    @lala: thanks lala! glad to have a great supporter like you all the way from singapore! w00tz!!
    @syun: thanks syun! always see you comment here! so happy to always have you here :D

  19. Congratz bro! :D Saw your post, it's VERY interesting not to forget entertaining in every bit.. Love how you illustrate the events that happened around yourself! Imma bookmarking this site for reads!

  20. congrats..haha i think u deserved's been awhile since i saw a well deserving blogger of the month..congrats for the newspaper appearance as well and although u looked blur there...haha

  21. Congrats and God bless ya and you deserved all this !!! AND ALL THE BEST ~~

  22. more..u semangat reply all the post +100 for u

  23. 'slacking off at home' ouch! terasa! XD


    Congrats~!! Keep on drawing!!! :D

  24. Wow... you really deserved it :)

    Keep up with your jokes and humor :D

    Love this site! <3

  25. @jeffro: whoa thanks jeffro! those are one of the most awesome things someone has ever said about my comics! thanks so much!!!
    @shah: thanks bro!
    @eric: lol i was actually having a fever during the interview! had to tahan the whole way!
    @sya: thanks sya:D thats a HUGE CONGRATS! haha thanks!
    @evangeline: thanks eve! couldnt have done it without your support!
    @eido: at the momemnt for now i can reply la lol.. try my best to always reply tho i admit im not that consistent
    @ika: lol! caught you!! nvm, slacking off is the best! thanks so much ika!
    @nisa: thanks nisa! yay! glad you love my comics!
    @miyen: thanks miyen! means a lot to me:) hope i can keep this up!
    @bernard: thanks bro! your support counted into this so big thanks to you! :)


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