Thursday, March 29, 2012

Credit Card Crisis

Hey everyone! Weekend is looming! Rejoice! So here's a comic.

Won't spoil today's comic, so go on ahead and read it!

When you start getting lectured by a bar staff, you know sh*t just got real.
So once again Jon proved to be lucky whenever he misplaces his things.(similiar incident HERE) They never seem to go missing or stolen. Thank goodness for the honesty of the bar staff.

We would like to extend our appreciation to the staff of Beer Factory and Movida Bar of Giza, Kota Damansara for always keeping an eye out for Jon's misplaced items. Though he may always have a mini heart attack when he notices his stuff missing, but you guys always make him feel better by being awesome.

Big shout out to Beer Factory and Movida Bar. You guys are awesome!

So if anyone of you ever want to go grab a drink, do head on to either of those places. Great times and great after sales services. Always.

On a side note, did this happen to any of you guys before? Do tell in the comments below so that Jon doesn't feel like the weirdest person in the world right now.

Have a great weekend guys!


  1. How careless and lucky Jon is.

    But I wonder how he could misplace it. I mean we do have to sign on the receipt when we get back the card right, and he put it back other than wallet...?

    1. Jon is crazy enough when he's sober. I wonder what crazy things he did when he was swiping that while being drunk.

  2. If I have a credit card, I bet I'll do the same thing~ huhu. I tend to have to search for my things all over the shopping complex bcoz I left it somewhere. REading your posts about Jon'a carelessness always remind me of my own~ huhu whyyy????
    Jon, let's stay away from each other. I think we'll be a total disaster when put together~ Or maybe, we should just get together once. and let Ernest babysit us - just to see the reaction on his face. heheh~

  3. He is either weird or too high on drinks to pay attention to his credit card. I get paranoid if I lose things which causes me to be a little more alert.

  4. Wow Jon is so lucky! He always gets back the things that he misplaced! XD

  5. Wow so lucky! I've lost my purse once. poof! but my bro lost his wallet once and they guy actually tracked my bro back and returned everything intact!

  6. hehe...paid with card but never left my cards behind anywhere:D

  7. I bet the bar staff would like: "...again~" and /or just waiting for the frantic Jon to call back. I understand that *pats Jon's shoulder*

    If I were in that situation, the 1st thing I'd do is to turn the house (or my room) upside down and scream (and swear/curse like nobody's business. My mom always say I never failed to menyusahkan dunia with my missing things.

  8. oh god this reminds me when it happened to me a few weeks ago in Seoul. Come at least he still left his card IN THE SAME COUNTRY! :S


  9. I don't pay for my drinks. If you know what I mean *wink wink*

  10. Jon Jon, I thought I was clumsy enough le =.=

  11. Hope he doesn't misplace his future girlfriend and wife!!XD

  12. i think Jon need to be unlucky once, so he will be more careful.

  13. OMG, Jon damn lucky lor! You'd think it'd be GONE by then! @.@ And btw, LOL, Crobar! I noticed! ;)

  14. Ask Jon to use cash the next time round. Haha.

  15. i shall got o movida or beer factory to look out for jon's misplaced credit card! swipe it before returning to him! teehee


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