Thursday, August 16, 2012

Basketballer, part 2

Hey Thursday! One more day to the long weekend! And a Happy Raya Balik Kampung awesomeness to all!

I know the previous post title is called "Olympic Is Over". But in fact it should have been called "Basketballer part 1" but I was trying to take advantage of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) since the Olympic was over a few days ago. I am such a genious.

"Bro, there is no letter 'O' in genius."
"Shut up, genious"

Yes! Continuation from the previous comic, here is Basketballer part 2. Everyone at some point must have tossed a paper ball into the bin from a distance. Why? Either it's fun or we are just lazy to walk up to the dustbin.

If you haven't, go try it today. The moment it goes in, that awesome feeling equivalent to a unicorn high fiving a dragon over a double rainbow can be felt.

You don't know that feeling? That's because your paper ball never went into the bin. Duh!

READ PART 1 HERE if you haven't.

On the other hand, if you miss:

That rage filled disappointment will rule your day.
All the bros have no future in a career of basketball.

"That's because you are short bro"
"Shut up, genious."

Have a great LONG weekend ahead!

Seriously? No one is going to pick that up?
Stadium Ernest. Once again.


  1. Only your room got dustbin is it?

  2. that... is gross. lol. Maybe you should try getting a bigger dustbin? ehehehehe

  3. I think you need to move it to the living room le ahahaha

  4. hahahaha XD
    i don't think getting bigger 1 will help.
    so just throw ur dustbin away. XD

  5. ahahha. the fuuuu expression is too cute

  6. already had that feeling. hahaha...

  7. Stadium Ernest FTW.. hahahahaha

  8. u need to pick it up by using ur super power hahaha

  9. Passing by. :) funny wat this post

  10. Ahaha, some more filled with Jamus' "chendol"!!!! Ewwwwwww. xD

  11. The mini stadium in your WTF.


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