Monday, August 13, 2012

Olympic Is Over

Good Monday morning everyone! Today's colour is: blue. Like we don't know that already. Fret not as the long holidays are coming! Just hang it there!

So the Olympics are finally over. It will be another four years all over again before we attempt another gold medal but congratulations to all our Malaysian athletes who have tried and put in their best efforts.

Since yesterday marks the end of yet another major sporting event, today's comic is a little sport related one. The event may be over but the sporting spirit lives on. The bros decided to be sporty and play a game of paper basketball.

Apparently my room is their stadium.

Competing at an Olympic level is really something. The bros are only at home level.

And they are sh*t at it.

Thank you and congratulations to the athletes who had managed to bring some medals back so we could show off and also have free desserts without putting in any effort of any kind other than showing our support by screaming at our television sets at home.

Still, good game everyone!

Have a great week ahead!


  1. Ernest got a big room to play inside :)

  2. maybe Ernest will win in the screaming competition. XD

  3. lol!! i did that when i was still in secondary school!

  4. hahahhaha.. can I join them ah?.. wakakakaka..

  5. lol got that much rough paper to throw ke? XD

  6. AHAHAHAAAA. I also want to try in Ernest Stadium! xD


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