Thursday, November 1, 2012

My 24 Hour Comic Marathon: Introduction and Preview

Woohoo! In a blink of an eye it is SPARTA Thursday. Weekend here we come!

Anyway, if you have been following this comic blog, or my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you would know that about two weekends ago, I took part in the annual international 24 Hour Comic Day where I attempted to draw a 24 paged comic within 24 hours. Sounds easy but it is extremely far from it. It takes a lot of willpower and psychology strength to attempt this challenge. After much psychological torment, I managed to complete my 24 pages and I felt like a total dinosaur sized champion. (The dinosaur size of a T-Rex, not those pathetic chicken sized ones)

Pictures of the event (and my ugly face) can be found HERE.

As promised and by the request of many, at the start of this month November (which is my favourite month of the year) I will be posting my 24 pages in sets of 3 pages every Saturday starting from this week! So now you will have confirmed comic postings from me every Saturday for 8 weeks starting from this coming weekend! The comic quality is rather shitty as rushing 24 pages in 24 hours is no joke. Will try to make some slight edits so that the comic doesn't put you off.

So, today's posting is an introduction and a small preview of what's to come every Saturday from now! But first, here's a comic of what I went through.


So typical of my bros.
This is not the only 'crazy' thing that happened. Other crazier stuff did occur, perhaps I will draw it out if I have the time.

Here's a a sneak preview! But if you have already followed me on Twitter and/or Instagram, you might have already seen these pictures and they are no surprise to you.

Why didn't I take newer pictures? Now why didn't I think of that.

Too late for that now.

Images taken from my Instagram hence the "super professional filtered" effect.
With Instagram, I can now pretend I am a professional poser photographer.

Stay tuned for this Saturday!


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