Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bro Long Story: Kidnapped, part 1

Hey everyone! It is Saturday!

And it is time for an epic long story starting today!

If you have read the previous post, you would know that this post will be the first 3 paged set of my 24 paged (or more) comic from my 24 hour comic marathon! Just a recap, every Saturday from today I will be uploading 3 pages each weekend for your Saturday reading pleasure! This version will be slightly edited in order to maintain the usual quality of my drawing style but I will upload the unedited version once this entire story has run its course. Mainly because the unedited version looks like a super lazy version and I do not wish to hurt your eyes or ruin your Saturday.

Presenting the first Bro Long Story: Kidnapped.


Someone approaches!

Have a great Saturday ahead!

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