Thursday, November 8, 2012

My 24 Hour Comic Marathon, part 3

Hey everyone! Thursday is here once again! So is my tendency in stating the obvious! Weekend is near and holidays galore awaits you! Sorry, only if you are Malaysian.

Anyway, we continue from where we left off last time where Jon finally decides to not be forgetful and show up at my 24 Hour Comic marathon challenge at the National Visual Arts Gallery. Right off the bat upon his arrival he just can't help but to do something stupid and that was just only the beginning.

Here's the third part, and his continuation of his random shenanigans at my comic marathon.

Want to from the start of this story arc? Here: PART 1, PART 2

He really did ask me that. I totally did not see it coming.
Totally inappropriate. And gay.

Still, thank goodness he didn't ask me if I wanted a haircut.

No idea what Jon meant by 'happy ending'? Next time when you go to a massage spa, try asking the masseuse for a 'happy ending'. If you are lucky, you would get one. If you are not, you might just get thrown out or have the cops come after your ass.

Come to think of it, just don't ask for happy ending at the spa. Simple: Just ask someone who you think might know what 'happy ending' means.

God knows how I managed to complete my 24 pages with him around.


Have a great weekend ahead!


  1. Even though I have no idea what that really means, it doesn't actually take a genius to guess roughly what it means... lol.

    Can't wait to see what you came up with that day~~

  2. So did u manage to find out what does happy ending means?


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