Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hey guys! Looks like we are still on the topic of cameras this week.

I just realised recently that I do not have a proper camera of my own. I did have a nice compact camera once but knowing that half the electronics that I have are half broken, that camera has fallen in the category of being fully broken. Therefore, I tend to always borrow other people’s camera whenever I want to take pictures and that makes me look like a person so poor that he couldn’t even afford his own camera. But he could still afford video games. And that doesn’t make any sense.

So I decided I should get a new camera because I seem to be lacking a visual capturing device among my complete arsenal of half broken electronics. Getting a new camera would mean that finally I have something that is not broken! 

But a promotion is needed. A good one. 

Promotion? That's where these guys come in.
I needed a good and cheap affordable camera.

Someone told me that senQ is having their Digital Imaging Promotion and that means they are having a promotion for their camera products. (Me. Stating the obvious as usual. I happen to be very good at that) Therefore it was only logical that I head to one outlet of theirs and check it out. I’m not a very camera tech savvy person so I relied on the promoter to talk a little about one of their cameras that I have my eye on.

Talk about wasting your breath. You are welcome.
I am the kind of person who always go for the cheaper option. That’s why I am so classy at expensive restaurants.

Yep. That’s the only thing I know about cameras. Their pricing. But this model seems solid and affordable all at the same time and with its existence I do not have to burn a gargantuan hole in my pocket just to get a real DSLR to take DSLR like quality pictures! I can now trick people to think I am good with a camera now! How awesome is that! Now I can pretend to be a professional photographer like so many out there with their expensive DSLRs!

That's when I realised I had no money on me so I went back with the catalog instead.
Here comes the hard sell awesome part!

That’s right! senQ is having their Digital Imaging Promotion where their cameras are lovely in prices and you get many other bonus stuff!

When you buy any of their interchangeable lens camera, it comes with a 5 Year Warranty and Discount Vouchers up to RM300! *only on selected models 

You will also be getting special premium gifts such as jacket case, extra memory card, extra battery (selected models only) and extra bragging rights!

There is even a 0% Interest instalment payment plan up to 36 months (selected banks) so you do not have to worry about any one cent extra for your new camera!

In conjunction with their Digital Imaging promotion, senQ is also having an Online Contest on their Facebook where all you need to do is to share and tag and you stand to win an iPod touch! For free! What????

Now I need to collect scrounge up some money so I can get that camera before the promotion runs out. (Promotion lasts between 1st Oct – 31st Dec 2012)

“Bro, borrow me money can?”
“Then borrow me camera can?”

Someone sponsor me?

Have a great week ahead! Make it greater by getting a camera at any participating senQ outlet today!

Hard sell ends here.

Oh, the camera that I took home the other time? I had to return it. :(

Now, seriously. Someone sponsor me? Please?


  1. I wish someone would sponsor me too!! :(

  2. wish i have one of those new camera, but i already have an old nikon coolpix camera and vidcam. so of course i cannot buy something i already have. well those old things belong to my late father, but since nobody wants them, now they belong to me. the picture i snap always blur and i blame it on my camera.hehe it wasn't my fault really, because i can take a nice picture using my cheap handphone.

  3. nice oponion Promotion models thanks for this


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