Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bro Long Story: Kidnapped, Part 5

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday. If you haven't followed me on Facebook or Twitter already, I did mention that Saturday's post will be pushed to today in order to comply with sponsor obligations. Anyway, hey Sunday!

A reason why I hate Sundays is because within 24 hours it will soon be over and the dreaded Monday will come knocking at your door unceremoniously once again. Enjoy Sunday while you can.

So, we are back with the continuation of the Kidnapped series! Daryl has been kidnapped by the ski masked neighbours while the bros are at home playing video games. What will happen next?

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Will Daryl ever get out of this mess?
He seems to have everything under control though.


If you thought the third page of this part seems very familiar, you are right! This 6 framed picture had once been introduced HERE and I have managed to use some creativity to integrate it into this 24 paged comic! I must be a genious!

Actually I am a lazy ass because at this point in my 24 hour comic marathon, I was already fighting against myself from sleeping and was very extremely tired, light headed and borderline insanely irritable. I had no choice but to use one of my past works to accelerate the process by one page as I was already running out of time. And sanity.

Strange that even though I was greatly fatigued, I still managed to cook up this idea with whatever brain power I had left.

Have a great Sunday ahead!

Monday is coming.



  1. haha!!! so now we know how that kidnap story comic comes from.

  2. Eh, why so clever one? That one was done in April! Did you already have a Daryl-kidnapping story in mind there? ;)

    Or you want Daryl to be kidnapped THAT badly mehhhh? xD

  3. hahahhahahhaa..... dah macam cerita pengembala kambing ...tu haaa suka sgt cakap bohong :P


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