Monday, February 25, 2013

One Hundred Percent

Hey Monday everybody!

"Bro, you are late."
"Really? What time is it?"
"Look at the clock."
"Jeez, its almost noon already?"

Hay happy Monday afternoon! So after the standard 15 days, Chinese New Year is officially over and I only visited a grand total of one house, ingested unhealthy amounts of alcohol and even my non-chinese friends lou-ed more yee sang than me. What a productive Chinese New Year! To be honest the holiday mood kinda fizzled out after the second day and I spent most of my time mining for minerals in Starcraft 2 in order to build a bitchin' battlecruiser fleet.

And now we can get go back to doing things at one hundred percent at all times!

Good times.

I believe Daryl might be conspiring to murder Jon indirectly.
Do something good. Donate some blood at your local hospital today.

What an extremely horrible way to change topic.

Yeah, the comic today was supposed to be a sort of a PSA.

Have a great week ahead!

"You should put some pants on."
"100% bro!"
"That doesn't make any sense."


  1. maybe Jon got confused with what Daryl meant by 100%?

  2. Okay... When i saw daryl with his giving 100% and also jon being nervous the first time for 'something'.. I was thinking about something 'ifyouknowwhatimean' until i saw that blood donation label.. Guess i had a dirty mind -.-..


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