Friday, February 22, 2013

The Biggest Nation in the World

Hey everyone! I know it's Friday and I am a day late from my usual Thursday postings. Nevertheless, you shall have your comic today.

The reason why there isn't a comic yesterday was because I was paid a visit by the biggest nation in the world.

What's the biggest nation in the world?
Yes. Procrastination came to visit.

Lately, I have been having this problem where I get distracted for many hours and by the time I really want to start work I realised that it is already the wee hours in the morning. I need to really be more productive.

King of productivity my ass.

Has this ever happened to you before? Please say yes so I won't go crying in the corner alone.

Have a great weekend ahead!


Another strange incident that occurred in Stuttgart, Germany.

Perhaps related to the previous video I shared?




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  2. Lolx sometimes i'm also too carried away with the social media.. specially when i stumble upon this comic strip a year ago... :) thumbs up

  3. I feel u bro. always wondering around social media for hours.

  4. true, for me it's worst than coffee!! -keep refreshing this site for new comic while in the office. bad internet!!

  5. it happen to me always! mine is until 4am anyways XD 4am sharp!

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  7. It happened once when I was preparing for my STPM trial. The Internet is evil........

  8. Haha...been there before, i spent 5 hours just for facebook till i forgot bout my homework...
    But in the end, internet finished my homework....happy ending :-)

  9. actually procrastination has been our style since we're a baby. we love to procrastinate during our birth..hehehe

  10. AHAHAHA! Totally didn't expect that! Procrasti-NATION xD

    Well, I've been there too. Permanent resident there lagi :/ Sigh.


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